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Being third in the queue of Dr. Gupta’s 12 book project, this book in mainly to investigate our reality as an entity who has the power to shape the present and illuminate our presence for the eternal future. As I have been following this project from the very first book, I can assure my fellow readers that all those queries which have lined up due to the conflicting outlook of the previous books will slowly get cleared. This book highlights three solutions for managing the factors that invariably limit our vision dimensionality. 

The book starts with a wonderful analogy to analyze if the Present is Reality. The author borrows the wisdom and plethora of knowledge from the pages of Upnishada to declare that Mother Nature’s luminous reality is transient and ever-changing. In the very next line, the concept is clarified through a Buddhist approach and followed by Advaita approach. The knowledge dispersed through its 11 chapters, have made the book more elaborate and understandable.  The most interesting part is, as you go through each explanation, you can gain confidence in your extrinsic perception and intrinsic conception. As stated earlier, in his previous books, Dr. Gupta is here to deliver an overall strategic awareness of the reality within and without us. The emphasis on science and cultural wisdom is loud and clear. 

Don’t let the present be curved and the future be limited by the effects of past reality; this happens to be the quote in the beginning. Doesn’t this invigorate our mindset? The present is always a multidimensional reality and this book is an excellent elaboration of that idea. There are various mathematical criticisms done throughout the book which incorporates science with the wisdom of our ancient scriptures. This book bestows us with four methods to quantify the exchange value of an idea.

In the fourth chapter, you’ll be surprised to know that the speed of light is infinity. Scientific bigots would definitely have a long argument over this; however, I would ask you all to read this book, for you never know how much you actually don’t know or never think over. There is a medley of revelations done; the grand challenge of managing the present reality, the solution for managing the present reality and many more. As an academician, the author could narrate every integral part of Reality with a realistic reference.  The main conclusion of this whole endeavor is about Manifesting the present reality without the management cost. It is interesting to read about the significance of being a conscientious reader, researcher as well as a practitioner. 

In one of the case studies, the denominators of orthodox religions were compared. In any case, the absolute spiritual master is the direct manifestation of a supreme entity with the Almighty Power for freewill self-reincarnation. Read, re-read and then sit and realize how we can correlate everything with every orthodox religion of the world. Chapters move on and there, more gripping the concepts become. This book is a hardcore academic book with a lucid language and fascinating elaboration with suitable yet variable examples. 

I was intrigued by the concluding part where self consciousness is described as the origin of life. The origin of I is not the black hole vacuum with a gravitational potential to consume the infinite infinities. Reality is the illuminating value; a sentient entity is the illuminator factor which in turn forms the reality. Interesting? This book goes on in unleashing several new and unknown or never-described version of Reality. Be it content, conceptualization or the editorial work done, this book is marvelous in fulfilling the very essence of this 12 book project.

My advice to the readers would be; be patient, be prepared to unlearn the learnt things so that this advanced and prodigious book can bring the much needed change in our mindset. Secondly, needless to say, follow the chronology to understand each book in detail.

AUTHORS NAME:  Dr. Vipin Gupta
  Is Present Reality; The super-science of the Transcendental Value
REVIEWED BY :   Atrayee Bhattacharya at Criticspace Journals 
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RATING:  5/5

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