Patriotism is an emotion that has been the reason for the pride of any people from any nation. The journey of patriotism begins from the days when there was no concept of country or nation. People coming together for a common cause was the infancy stage of patriotism. India has been through many wars in both the pre and post-independence eras. Shreya Sharma and Neel Preet record the events of the post-independence period in “Indian Defence Files: Part 1.” The work is a record of thorough research and a plethora of knowledge for those who are unaware of how the events conspired and led to one after the other as times changed. 

The cover of “Indian Defence Files” fills the readers with a patrioric zeal the moment they set their eyes on the book. It has an enthusiastic effect on them and they prompted to pick the book and go through the blurb. The further effect is done by the language that the authors have chosen to write in. The usage of Hindi as a mode of expression makes the book brim with the patriotic spirit which sifts through the pages and reaches the hearts of the readers in a very short time. These are the few features that run through the text content and enrich the readers with knowledge about how tactfully things have been handled whenever there were tough times. Since this is the first part of “Indian Defence Files,” the readers can expect a lot more from their pen, where they would record more such events of history which influenced the lives of Indians for good.

“Indian Defence Files” is divided into 5 parts, where the first four sections discuss the different wars that have occurred, and the fifth section talks about the war heroes in order to give the deserved respects for their martyrdom. This content is spread in less than 200 pages which makes the book an easy reading for even those who are not into reading books and also those who are not much aware. This may be Sharma’s debut work and Preet’s work much beyond debut; they display coordination and give an example of robust hard work by taking the task upon themselves to promote the less fanatical spirit of patriotism in their fellow countrymen and make them aware of how the freedom they have today is taken care of.

Sharma and Preet have done extensive research and gather reliable information before jotting it down in “Indian Defence Files.” They rightfully use the Hindi language to convey the information to the readers. Using any other language would not have had the same effect on the readers’ minds. This makes sure that the majority of Indian readers are able to read this work. At the same time, they keep the vocabulary simple and easy to understand for the readers. Every citizen should read this work to have a track of not just the events that have occurred at various junctures of history but also to understand and respect the sacrifices made for the nation everyone lives in the present day. At the same time, as the book blurb declares the “Indian Defence Files” to be a step towards contributing to the Ministry of Defence, the readers who want to make a difference can consider contributing by buying this book as a step in this direction. At the same time, they can keep the book as a souvenir and record of the times gone for future generations to read and enrich their lives with the same patriotic flavor and help in the war heores becoming immortal.

AUTHORS NAME:  Shreya Sharma & Neel Preet
BOOK TITTLE:  Indian Defence Files: Volume 1 (Hindi Edition)
PUBLISHER:  Puffins Publishers Private Limited (25 January 2021)
REVIEWED BY :   Akhila at Criticspace Journals 
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RATING:  4/5

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