Human life is such where things are decided for every stage in advance. From childhood to old age, the works and responsibilities are more or less decided as per the age and all that needs to be done in that time. But it is old age when things change and mostly, people find themselves free and idle. But they are such a workaholic throughout their lives that being without work makes them uncomfortable. To cater to the needs of all those Dinesh Sahay brings his book, “Art of Staying Young while Growing Old”. The book may be a short reading, but it is a comprehensive guide to all those who want their life to remain purposeful and meaningful even in their later years. Since very less has been written about the activities that can be done in the later years that makes the book more important and unique one for its category. In the light of this, suggesting this book to every person would be doing true justice to the value of the book and the hard work of the author.

The cover of the book has the sight of a peaceful happy family which gives a positive vibe to the reader. Such kinds of covers enforce the universality of the book without letting the reading audience to get limited. The author begins his book with a basic thought of how things and situations go through in life and how on turning old, a person faces the time when they do not have much eventful stuff to do. This, as per the author is also something that many fear as to what they would do in the old age years. Thereafter, the author shares the things that the people can do in a very simple and pragmatic manner. These things include a proper routine cycle from waking up to going to bed which has a list of things that a person can do to make their days as busy as earlier and much more healthier than then. The 17 short chapters are a package for a readers which are a collection of wisdom and knowledge accumulated by the author through his experience by trying and testing those techniques on himself. This reinforces their practicality and also assuring the readers who would be reading the book with high hopes

An interesting thing to note here is that the suggestions that the author gives are not something that can be restricted to any particular age or assume that they are only meant for people who have retired. The author gives ideas of waking up and sleeping on time, practicing yoga etc. which is something that even younger people can implement in their lives and take the benefits of it in their ripe years. This widens the appeal of the book and all the people, young or old, can read and follow whatever things are suitable and manageable for them. The author has kept the titles of the chapters in a very smart manner and the readers can understand and decide which one to read first according to their interest. Even by reading the titles, the readers get an idea of what the chapters would be about and that is enough to raise their interest levels. The fact that “Art of Staying Young while Growing Old” is quite short is likely to make it popular among people easily as that is one of its strongest factors in reaching out to the readers. To add on, the book also features pictures here and there which altogether attracts the readers more. At the same time, there are places where important things have been highlighted to facilitate reading as readers can go back to reading the book time and again and refer to those important lines and facts whenever needed.

With this, the author also gives guidelines for a healthy life and how people can take better care of their health for a comfortable longer life. He keeps the language simple and easy for all kinds of readers to understand and the ideas that he shares are also quick and easy to apply. Another notable thing is the manner in which the author directly speaks to the readers. Sahay addresses the readers many times directly which brings him closer to the readers and the readers are able to relate with him at a personal level. Every reader, whether young or old, should read “Art of Staying Young while Growing Old” not just to facilitate himself or herself but also the elder members of their family who look for ways to keep themselves engaged and busy even after their retirement on in their later years and as the author says in the introduction, the book is likely to inspire them to bring a “360-degree change in their lives”.

Book Titlr: Art of Staying Young While Growing Old  
Author Name: Dinesh Sahay 
Publisher : Booksclinic Publishing (29 October 2019) 
Order Now: Amazon 
Reviewer: Akhila at Criticspace Journal

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