Name: Farhad Ahmad Pir

Birth Place: Tujar Sharief Bunstan, Sopore

Interests: Teaching and Writing

Hobbies: Travelling, Gardening and Reading

Biographical Info: I was born in the year 1989, in Sopore, District Baramullah in Kashmir. I was brought up in a village named Tujar Sharief. I know English, Urdu and Kashmiri languages. I have done M.A in English literature and have been awarded PhD in the field of English literature from Barkatullah University, Bhopal titled “Diaspora studies in the novels of Khaled Hosseini.” I am very much interested in teaching English literature and Grammar studies. I am a well-rounded professional carrying a wide repository of knowledge in English literature. I have been presenting and publishing research papers in national and international journals. I have been a resource person in a workshop titled “Communicative skills and Basic Grammar Studies.” I have been writing articles in different newspapers on a regular basis. My area of interest is American Fiction and contemporary English literature. I like playing volleyball and traveling. I like to spend my free time always in the lap of nature and among my true friends. You can write to me at

Achievement So far: I have been teaching English literature and Grammar from the last three years. I have trained over hundred students in written and spoken English. I have written over twenty research papers in national and international journals. I have presented over fifteen research papers in seminars, conferences and workshops. I have participated in a number of worshops and FDP. I have been a resource person in a workshop titled “Communicative skills and Basic Grammar Studies.” I have remained an editor of college News Letters and Magazines. I contribute articles in different newspapers on a regular basis like in Kashmir Reader, Rising Kashmir, Kashmir Vision, Daily Excelsior and Kashmir Ages.

Favorite Topics of Writing: Inequality, Current events, Gender, Harmony, Social evils, Stereotypes, Underprivileged class, Broken relationships, etc.

1.       What describes you the best? 

      Social Realist and Revolutionary writer.

2.       Tell us about your writing career

      I have been writing since graduation. The passion for writing developed in me by reading newspapers and mostly I read columns which inspired me to write. In the beginning I used to write on social disharmony and class difference, and posted them on my facebook page, where I got positive feedbacks from my teachers, friends, and students and this generated in me the love for reading and writing for newspapers and journals. Now I am an author of the book entitled “There Is Justice Though Late: An Anthology of Short Stories.”

3.     Tell us something about your book.

My graceful stories have the themes of unrequited love and hope; betrayal, duplicity, ignorance, deception, nonchalance, passion, and social constrains. Each character in the stories gives a peep of his own struggle in unexpected and hard situations, in which some come out successfully, while others become the victims of the dreadful circumstances, and some others due to their own follies and ill-thoughts.

4.       What encourages you to become an Author?

Outside circumstances, nature and writings of other authors. Actually inspiration for writing comes to me from reading different authors, I must start from Anton Chekhov, Maxim Gorky, Khalil Gibran, Thomas Hardy, Oscar Wilde, Wordsworth, Agatha Christie, Nicolas Sparks, Khaled Hosseini and Jhumpa Lahari.

5.       What is your current goal in writing career?

I am trying to reflect social evils, social taboos, stereotypes, Pious relationships, State of common people in political instabilities and wrath of God, etc.

6.       The title seems different and catchy, how you decided it?

 It’s one of the title of my stories which I discussed  with my dear friend. Together we came up with this title.

7.       Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.

I am writing a Novelette. It  revolves around the desperate class surviving in hostile conditions.

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