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Hello author, on behalf of all the readers, we would like to discuss something about you and of course, your book as well.  This conversation will help reader to know more about you and your debut book. Please give answers in brief.

Most welcome to Criticspace Journals, Author. We heartily congratulate you for being a published author. It’s really a great achievement. First thing, we would like to know about your basic info as a person, daily life, career so far and anything you would like to share about you with your readers.

Your Answer: I m an introvert pharmacist by profession and writer. Life is not always easy for me I faced so many hard situations that hardly impact me from inside in my college days and I go through a phase of depression that changes everything for me. I started to hate peoples. But now I m a person who has the vision to change this world one day with my visions and thoughts. Now I wanna be a leader who changes others life and want to guide everyone.

That’s really great; please tell us something about your journey of becoming an author. When you actually started writing and how was the circumstance? Did any person or situation influenced you to write your debut book or was it your childhood hobby of writing?

Your Answer: writing is not my childhood hobby whereas I started to write after my graduation almost before two and a half years. I choose to write because I want to write my emotions to come out from my self destructing image and after some time it changes my perspective to see my life.  When I realize I destruct my own life it gives a better way to looking at my life again and then I realize its full of blessings. Everyone should write every day, not as a hobby but to appreciate our life

Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly? Be descriptive please so that our visitors know about you a little more.

Your Answer: yes, anyone can be a writer. And everyone is a writer of their own story of life. Feel something strongly it’s not a necessary part about writing. Because somewhere we always come across our emotions and if we started to write it on a paper we started to know ourselves more. And when we looked at it changed our perspective that we better come to know what we are always thinking and what we show others mostly when we interact with them. Writing it is not a being a writer only but to know yourself. It give us a more clear view about our own image that what we actually think about ourself.  

How do you come up with the titles to your books?

Your Answer: my book title “A talk to universe” comes from my personal experiences. Because I trust in the universe and whenever I asked something this universe always guides me and shows me the way to go on that’s why I choose this title for my book. 

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

Your Answer: Good writing is all about how much you are truthful to yourself and how you describe your emotions by a story.

What comes first, the plot or characters? How do you develop your plot and characters?

Your Answer: For me plot always comes first. I wrote every day what I feel about different situations and my feelings. To make a plot I assemble my thoughts in a story.

Are you on social media and can your readers interact with you?

Your Answer: Yes, I m on social media. I mostly interact with them on Instagram.

Please tell the reader something about your book. What is your message to those readers who have still not read the book. Why they should pick it up for reading?

Your Answer: A talk to universe it is about a journey that shows you that how can you discover your inner self. How you come to know about what is hidden inside you. Because every incident in your life has a reason. And there are so many powers around you which always guiding you every minute and you should saw them with your full attention. When we started to ask this universe it become a guardian it sends us different messages and answers our prayers. Sometimes, to trust in the universe is no easy task but we should hear it in every stage of our life because the universe is a great teacher.  

And yes, the most important thing we would like to hear from you is what is your message to those new writers who have not yet started their journey of becoming an author? You have been their source of motivation, please convey your thoughts with them.

Your Answer: Writing is the best way to showing your emotions and feelings, what you always feeling inside. It does not have any end nor an ending point. There are no rules also.  You can also start with a little bit idea about writing. Here, only your emotions and feelings what is really matters. So, penned down your every emotion on paper. When you started writing you can see that day by day you started to know yourself more and discover your own identity which is more important than anything because if you know yourself you can serve this world even better with your unique ideas.      



Would you rather


Would you rather be in a room full of snakes or a room full of spiders?

Your Answer: in a room full of spiders


Would you rather have an endless summer or an endless winter?

Your Answer: an endless winter


Would you rather have constant nagging pain or a constant itch?

Your Answer: have constant nagging pain


Would you rather always be an hour early or be constantly twenty minutes late?

Your Answer: an hour early


Would you rather live in a haunted mansion or live in a un-haunted cottage?

Your Answer: un- haunted mansion

Either Or

Tea or coffee

Your Answer: coffee

Hot or cold

Your Answer: cold

Movie or book

Your Answer: book

Coke or Pepsi

Your Answer: pepsi

Morning person or Night owl

Your Answer: night owl

Social Media or book

Your Answer: book

Paperback or ebook

Your Answer: paperback


All the best for your future and this book too! Thanks for answering my questions.

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