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An award-winning poet and author, Devika Das has 5 publications under her name. What began as a hobby at the age of 13, graduated into blogging in 2008 and took shape of Publishing in 2016 when Devika self-published her first book titled ‘7 Vows of Marriage’ on Amazon Kindle. Her poetry book titled ‘Reminiscence’ has received critical acclaim and her poems have been published in national dailies and featured in anthologies too. 

Criticspace: Many congratulations on your wonderful collection “The Mind Game”, Devika! The collection is really amazing. What response are you getting on your work from the readers? Please share your experience with us 

Devika: The response for my recent title ‘The Mind Game’ is overwhelming. The book has crossed over 100 reviews (GoodReads and Amazon combined). The best part is that readers can implement the tips in their real life. 

Criticspace:  When did you start writing? Do you remember the first time you wrote something? What was the source of your inspiration earlier? Did it change with the time? 

Devika: I was in school when I started writing poems. I used to observe people, nature, birds, and animals. If a thought strikes me, I immediately pen it down. Gradually, I began reading which helped me widen my perspective and my writing became better. Then, of course, theatre came into my life. Each role has helped me develop as a person and impacted my writing skills too. 

Criticspace: As a poet, what responsibilities do you think you have when you sit to write poetry? Is it for your sake or you have certain goals behind your writing? 

Devika: The natural flow of thoughts should not be disturbed. I write for myself mostly. Then, if I find the poem shareable, I pass it on to my friends and family. There is an aunt who keeps requesting me to send her my compositions. 

Criticspace: Now tell me about your writing and books you have published. And of course, the favorite stanza from your book that you always remember. 

Devika: I write in a simple manner. I prefer to strike a good conversation with my readers through my books. The Mind Game has achieved it so far. 

Publications: 7 Vows of Marriage, Reminiscence, The Mind Game, 1 short story in Undo and 1 short story in String of the Garland 

Criticspace:  So far you have been receiving positive responses from the readers. Most of the book critics and bloggers have appreciated the work. How does it feel to you when you get such appreciations? 

Devika: Appreciation is a good morale boost. With publishing, I always thought of the book introducing me rather than vice-versa. The goal is somewhat achieved as now people ask me if I have written The Mind Game or not. Good reviews also add to my responsibility of writing well and improving my writing style. 

Criticspace: I am really impressed with the entire concept. Have any real life event inspired you to write this book or it is complete a work on fiction? 

Devika: Success is not served on a golden platter. You need to work for it. However, due to peer pressure (either self-created or by someone else), we are unable to lead a life on our own terms and conditions. I always wanted to be an individual first and was struggling to find my individuality or purpose of life. Finally, I realised it one day and then I got the idea of helping others find their true calling, which inspired me to write The Mind Game. 

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Criticspace: How do you think is this book helpful for the readers? Pease explain the need of this book in our society? 

Devika: The book helps readers understand the importance of self-love and true happiness. Nowadays, people are running aimlessly and often perform in order to prove something to someone else. The book helps them realise the need of understanding how we can work towards our own goals without being affected of how the society judges us. 

Criticspace: As we all know that “The Mind Game” is your third book, how was your literary journey so far? Please tell the readers about your ups and downs in this field. 

Devika: My journey as an author has witnessed its own share of ups and downs. The first book was not well-received because it dealt with my personal take on marriage as an institution. Reminiscence, my poetry book is doing favourably well, as it has not yet found the right audience. However, within 3 years into publishing, I personally have interacted with few very good people and have helped few in sorting out their problems amicably. Now, people are inviting me to share my views with the student community which is an enthralling experience. 

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Criticspace: Being a successful published author is a great achievement. What are the other achievements which we do not know till now about you? Please let us know. 

Devika: More than the honour, awards, recognition, the main achievement is that now people listen to me carefully and respectfully. Earlier, when I used to talk about Emotional Intelligence with my friends they used to ignore it or take it lightly. But, now people lend an ear and find some sense in my conversation. Secondly, I am taken seriously now. People approach me, knowing fully well that are in for a good conversation with me. 

Criticspace: Please let your fans know about your daily life. Apart from writing and reading, what are the things you love to do most?

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Devika: I am working for an IT Company in Hyderabad. Along with my regular office job, I act in plays and attend Wednesday evenings at The Gallery cafe it’s the place for creative artists and we celebrate creativity in the middle of the week). Over the weekends, I watch plays, meet friends over coffee or chill out at home. I prefer to stay at home or entertain myself. I think I practice self-love too religiously ?? Thank you for asking such wonderful questions ?? 

Thanks a lot for the answers, Devika. It was a pleasure talking with you. Wish you great success and future Criticspace:

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