Interests: Gallivanter, Cricphile, Melophile, Motivator
Birth Place: Begusarai, Bihar
Hobbies: Swimming, Writing stories

Biographical Info: A Laconic personality who wants to spread the love through his writings, A Motivator who understand the different conflicts of life and want to convey the same acknowledgment through the pen. A Gallivanter, born in a rural area but wants to travel the globe for a better understanding of the people and the riots each individual is fighting within himself. The world is a hyperbole, we can’t change it but instead, we can change one’s world by enlighting individual. On a mission to enlighten millions through his work. 

Criticspace:  Achievement So far?

Abhijeet: Failed at love but won at life, hence proving the loop of the world wrong that love is life. Yes it is, but an individual should have a finite impact over one’s conscience. Published a novel “Three Sided Love” in the year 2017, The overwhelming response made the writer to come back with another one “Ishq @ Infinity”. successfully spreading love through his pen.

Criticspace: Favorite Topics of Writing?

Abhijeet: Romance, Drama, Thriller which has a deep messages for the society.

Criticspace: What describes you the best?

Abhijeet: 1. Motivational Author, 2.Romance Author

Criticspace: Tell us about your writing career: 80-100 words minimum?

Abhijeet: started writing at the age of 18, came up as a novelist with a novel published in the year 2017 “Three Sided Love”. The heart catching response of readers made the writer to portrait another story through his pen and another novel is at the slot of releasing in the year 2018 “Ishq @ Infinity”.

Criticspace: Tell us about your book, “Ishq @ Infinity”?

Abhijeet: While galivantring I came up with point that each person is fighting with its own problem and the problem is not here external it is attire internal. A riot of love, hate, peace, jealousy and many more such feelings are going in the inner conscience of an individual.My books are just the medium which will make the people to feel that they are no alone and we all are living the same life. The difference between a happy and sad person is the state of mind. I believe my books are the medium to change the state of mind of people and spreading love and respect around.

Criticspace: What encouraged you to become an Author?

Abhijeet: Everyone has a story to tell. Some succeed while other fails. Those who succeed they are called as an author as I am now, so there is nothing like encouragement or a force. It’s the state of my mind which made me to choose the pen over pain and entitle myself as an author.

Criticspace: What is your current goal in writing career?

Abhijeet: To write about the unexplored yet common part of life that is people’s emotions. I want to spread a positiveness in the world through my work. Till my pen are making someone feel out of anxiety and happy I will be continuing with my love toward writing.

Criticspace: The title seems different and catchy, how you decided it?

Abhijeet: The love has various forms. There is no parameter yet discovered to measure someone’s love towards another. But whoever and however love it is whether of mother, father, brother, sister, friends, spouse or anybody else love is always pure and if isn’t then probably it is attraction which will last but love never ends, that’s why I choose to write Ishq@Infinity.

Criticspace: Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.

Abhijeet: After publishing “Three Sided Love” I was overwhelmed through the response of readers. I felt the responsibility and came up with another one “Ishq @ Infinty”. I have stated earlier that writing is not my out of compulsion things. I will be writing till people are getting loved and loving each-other through my works. Yeah!! For sure I will work on many projects in the future. 

Thank you very much, Abhijeet, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview.

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