Que: Firstly, Big Congratulations on your book, “DISCOVERIES WITH COACHING – Executive and Life Coaching!” What responses are you getting from this book of yours? Please share your experience about this book.

Dr. Snehasish Dutta: Thank you so much and thanks to The Literature Today group. My book was launched in January across all leading online stores, published by Bluerose publishers, and available across India, Europe, the US, Australia, Japan, Dubai, Canada, and SE Asia countries. It has been a pleasure to say that my book has foreword done by Mr. John Mattone (Ex-Apple CEO Mr. Steve Jobs Coach) and many International Master Coaches. The book focuses on coaching which is a need across every individual and touches on the need, process, and planning of various challenges and milestones in life. Glad to say that the book has got a tremendous response across many countries and sold 100+ copies within 1 week. Book has been appreciated across the corporate HR fraternity, Global Trainers, and Coaches community. To mention in particular we have been appreciated in Germany, Australia, and India with ongoing purchases by several readers who are sharing their appreciation with us and sometimes their selfies too.

The book also has reached many of my colleagues and friends, coaches who have expressed the simplicity of concepts, working tools, and methods which anybody can apply and plan their goals and visions across their personal and professional journey.

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Que: Your book is an amazing ‘Personal Transformation’ title, so what inspired you to write a powerful book like this?

Dr. Snehasish Dutta: Yes, the book is a journey to plan transformation with coaching intervention. Coaching differs from advising or mentoring and goes from a simple ‘telling’ mechanism of communication to an ‘asking’ method which ensures personal ownership of a situation. In our personal or professional ecosystem, we have been more exposed to the ‘telling’ mode which does not impact a long-term change and success plan. Each individual is different and they think, plan, and aspire differently. One success formula does not fit others and can not be replicated. Hence, being in the professional world for over 23 years and working with various Indian giants like L&T, Tata, Kirloskar, and Adani, I feel we need to understand our own journey well and plan progress. Coaching emphasizes going much deeper into your personal conscience and evoking your thoughts with higher ownership of planning and execution. The moment we plan on owning certain dreams and goals, we also own our current status and evaluate the progress with small and big milestones. This drive is actually the transformation of the core and gives always a lasting impact. Coaching drives transformation with success planning and is rated with more than 95%  effectiveness.

Que: What was your mindset, while working on this book? What was the impetus behind this work of yours?

Dr. Snehasish Dutta: It is quite evident that people across the globe have been struggling with stress at various points in their personal and professional life. More than 90% of people had hidden goals and ambitions and do not know how to approach them, many are confused about the relevance of the goal. More than 65% of the working population in the 2025-26 period would be millennials who have various new challenges, aspirations, and goals for modern life, a large population grapples with work-life balances, dissatisfaction at jobs, constrained personal life, failures at many aspirational goals, etc. In the post-pandemic situation of a highly jittered emotional life, various external challenges would have tantamounted to the existing turmoil. Hence coaching experience makes it highly relevant to pause, plan, re-look, re-energize, sharpen your skills, strategize your plans, consciously travel with the action plans, and shape your goals and actions with specific timelines being 100% in personal command of it.

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Que: How is your book different from the several other titles of the same genre? Is there any message that you would like to convey to your readers?

Dr. Snehasish Dutta: Well, this book genre does not have many Indian authors writing about it. We have an International diaspora of thought leaders, psychologists, and coaches who have various concepts given to the world. However, Indian authors who have a rich heritage of coaching, starting as early as Lord Krishna as a coach to Arjuna in The Mahabharata who shows the best path ahead with consciousness which is shaped in the form ‘The Bhagwad Geeta’. India and Indian coaches and leaders have shared many concepts which needs to be better documented, concepts in my book like a PIERTR Model of Coaching, coaching dialogue samples in personal and professional space, etc can be an unique offering to a regular reader who can apply for results in life. There are more than 25+ sample tools for self-grooming and planning. Overall I would say, it’s a unique offering by an Indian author at a very affordable price of less than Rs. 350/-

Que: Which segment of readers are you targeting from this highly informative title like yours?  Can you please explain, how this book will appeal to the readers?

Dr. Snehasish Dutta: Coaching brings on board the spirit of own performance with a lot of clarity about own goals, testing its hypothesis, planning a sure tested road map with checks at intermittent gaps, and leading to definitive success formula with a clear timeline in mind. Coaching is agnostic to any domain, locational, gender, profession, etc, and applies to all. International Coaching Federation (ICF) recommends every individual in the world should go through at least one session of coaching.  I am sure, this book would be igniting a framework of self-engineering and address students, individuals, corporate professionals and leaders, housewives looking to restart with some goals, new and experienced coaches, mentors, HR leaders, etc.

Humans across the globe have one common characteristic. Dreams and Challenges. We are blessed with brains to speak and use reasoning. We have emotions and we are reactive to various stimuli. We interact and communicate, we are rational, we display conscience, we exhibit our feelings, we think, we decide between good and bad, we are driven by our conscience, we face hardships, we strive to find ways and means to survive, we win and we lose, we plan, we commit mistakes, we are social and learn from each other, we cry and we laugh. In modern times, everyone would be driven by various dreams and goals, face challenges and obstacles, would seek how better and quicker a path can be drawn for winning over the hurdles, and continuously evolve for their growth. Coaching has been one of the finest discoveries and people management skills for addressing these subjects, working towards a better life, and growing individually. I have tried to make Coaching simpler on how everyone can be coached and each one can coach. While we aren‘t new to coaching, often we may mix other concepts of mentoring, and consulting and not lead to real coaching dialogues.

As per the latest publication of ICF, Coaching effectiveness has been as high as 70%-90%. That simply means if the discussion is provoked with positive and constructive thoughts which have a futuristic outlook, gives much better impact and change ‘than just telling or saying’. Get committed to the personal development, and development of your peer, organisation, family, friends, and contacts with a focus internally for your own growth. The book incorporates emotional intelligence (EQ) and your Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and how they overall contribute to the behavioral changes. The performance incorporates professionals, just cannot be driven by pure appraisals, KPI, or KRAs. Coaching integrates uncovering true values, producing high levels of self-discovery, and aligning towards the goal which merges somewhere between the personal and professional achievements without which, it cannot be optimised. Coaching I call as Inner Engineering and Igniting your own potential which may have got subdued over a period of time owing to various circumstances. It reflects on the intra transpersonal psychology, which creates a much better will, determination, and preparedness for the responsibility. There is no right or wrong process of coaching. Each personality shows and unravels a plethora of human behavioral panorama and needs individual management. Unraveling of true potential beautifully merges between the ‘self’ and ‘them/they/external’. The need for evolution in each individual overall contributes to the growth of overall perspective, organisation’s larger vision and develops the collective strength.

Que: After going through your work, one can understand that your personal journey too would have been amazing! Therefore, can you please tell our readers, some of those events, which shaped up your life?

Dr. Snehasish Dutta: Surely, I have been with several years with corporate and spent a good time understanding how a person can shape up individually. I was fortunate to spend some good time with senior leaders, thought leaders, and coaches who played an important role in my life. 2015-16 onwards I was exposed to coaching and I started seeing visions, goals, and achievement processes with better clarity. I was fortunate to get coached by Mr. John Mattone himself, who is the world’s no. 1 executive and leadership coach, who coached legendary Apple CEO, Mr. Steve Jobs. I was trained and certified by ICF ( International Coaching Federation), NLP, DISC, and other Psychometric tools. I started coaching people from 2016 professionally and found it had been one of the best tools for people’s development.

Book Title: Discoveries With Coaching Executive And Life Coaching
Author Name: Dr. Snehasish Dutta
Publisher: Bluerose Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

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