In silence, she walked

To herself, she talked

What is distracting her?

Her eyes filled with anger

The untold wrath

She posessed in her path

Soft smile wiping them too hard

Suffocation barely to guard

Ripping off those feelings from the start

Wounded scars, they left in her heart.

These are my favourite lines from the poetry collection, The Humble Wrath, by Vandana Sudheesh. This beautiful poetry book, a debut, released in march 2020. The moment I saw it, I was mesmerized by the cover. I went ahead and read it as an ebook.

Poetry as a genre is flourishing in leaps and bounds during the present testing times. It is a beautiful way for an author to express her thoughts and emotions in a rhythmic flow of magical words. For the reader, it helps in breaking free the dam of emotions, held within, for long. In the present stressful times, poetry acts as a balm, as a healing instrument.

Reading poetry encourages us to connect & find meaning in our experiences. It teaches us word economy, using minimal words to express vivid emotions. It elicits powerful emotions. Poetry is therapeutic. It is conscise words with a rhythm. A well crafted line of poetry can stick with us for a long time.

Early poets use poetry as an easy form of dialogue to sing & convey the message across in a format which may be remembered easily due to its music & rhythm.

This book is a unique collection of 53 poems. It portrays a normal human being who goes through different phases in his lifetime. The ups and down, leaves it’s mark on our mind and heart. No one can avoid this pain. The author intends to put a smile on the reader’s face. She wants us to see ourselves through the poems and feel the emotions, live through the experience and set ourselves free. Anger is corrosive for the soul. This book talks about being humble and taking out the wrath.

These 53 poems encompass some amazing emotions. It talks about one sided love, the yearnings for a lover, the meaning of true love. It ponders over the scars, the fears, the silence and the unsaid words. Unkept promises, jealousy and emotions like the fear to see ourselves when the outer mask falls off, are dealt with. It votes for women power and says bring out the Durga in you. It also talks about loneliness, darkness and being alone. Women being treated as puppets and the objectification of women is also talked about. The poems also talk about friendship, understanding, feelings and motivates the reader to accept the reality. There’s a beautiful poem which portrays the emotions one feel, when a baby is born. Then there are also poems which deal with second chances, togetherness, broken promises, dreams and war. All through it the author believes true love is very powerful. Sensitive topics like rape, molestation and bullying of girls wherein girls plead for rescue are also talked about. There are poems dealing with emotions relating to life, expectations, dreams and positivity. The author says, be yourself, be a life warrior, a survivor. Then few poems talk about emotions like first love, marriage, looking for lost love, zeal to rejoin with her true love. It talks about how a life partner, a lover is a support, an addiction and a reason to rejoice. But when trust is betrayed, emotions like revenge, searching for true love, surface. The poet also talks about boy- girl prejudices, insecurities and once lies come in a relationship, she says then you are dead for me and the book ends on a wrath, the revenge of a broken heart.

The Humble Wrath, portrays diverse emotions and the pain we all experience during the roller coaster ride, called life. The author, Vandana Sudheesh, is an ex- banker from Kerala. She multitasks the role of a wife and a mother. Other than fulfilling her dream to become a best-selling author, she excels at dance too and is also an artist. Her favourite book is The Secret, which coincidentally is my favourite too.

The amazing book is available for purchase for INR 155/- in paperback format and for INR 70/- on kindle.

Leaving you with these beautiful lines;

The Humble Wrath

That spark, those rumble sound

You being the vehement desire that was found

Watching them fall

Tearing the clouds with a growl

You were vociferous with the humble wrath

Looking at you I trembled in my path

I was considerate with rapture

By the way you capture

Hiraeth, I was

Deep down under my thought

Ready to instill from what is sought

I was really into you dear

The day you told me those words I wanted to hear

Author: Vandana Sudheesh
Title: The Humble Wrath
Published By: Evincepub Publishing              
Review By: Criticspace Journals
Buy Book: Amazon Link

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