Swapna Peri: Before I start my questions about the book, can you please tell about yourself?
Preet Kanwal: I’m an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon (dentist with a specialization in surgeries of the jaws), with a passion for writing. I’ve been teaching undergraduate BDS and postgraduate MDS students for over two decades and maintain my Clinical Dental and Oral Surgery practice at Chandigarh. I’ve been an avid writer for a while now and have written one more book before this one.

Swapna Peri: Being in the Medical profession, when did the idea of writing happen? And why this genre of life-laws?
Preet Kanwal: I started writing blog posts many years ago in addition to contributing scientific articles in journals of my specialty. I would write short stories and articles and contribute to local newspapers and national magazines. Gradually, I developed an interest in Self-help, Motivation and New-age healing. My first book, ‘Beyond the everyday existence’, was published by Hayhouse a couple of years ago and is based on the Law of attraction and the Field of Potentiality. In this new book, ‘Secrets to a Blissful Life’, published by Evincepub I have gone a bit deeper into the various Universal Laws of Life and how they can impact us.  

Swapna Peri: Can you explain to our readers the importance of Spirituality and its value in life because often it is combined with the religion.
Preet Kanwal: To me Spirituality is nothing but getting in touch with your authentic self and trying to connect with a higher consciousness. If you come to think of it, the essence of all religions the world over is similar too. The methods may vary, but the aim is essentially the same. One can be spiritual and not be religious at all. On the other hand, reverse is true as well. Religious rituals are just the means, while people often confuse them to be the goal. The important thing is to get in touch with the non-physical aspect of life.

Swapna Peri: Can you please explain us in short how did this subject influence you in inspiring you to write.
Preet Kanwal: I’ve been an avid reader and in a way a researcher in the field of the Law of attraction, ever since I stumbled upon it for the first time after reading the book, ‘The Secret’. I tried to consciously apply it into my life with sometimes amazing results; results which have absolutely no scientific basis and which cannot be explained by logical thinking. Having been convinced of its working, I wanted to explore more on the subject of the Law of Attraction and dive deeper into the various other Universal Laws and how they influence our life.  

Swapna Peri: What kind of research did you do before bringing out this book?
Preet Kanwal: In addition to reading and watching whatever I could find on the topic, experiences from my own life as well as people around me became the basis of my research. Being curious of the various philosophies and religious practices, I’ve always found the Zen fables and stories to be quite interesting. They always explain things beautifully and the meaning you derive from them can depend on your mindset and may vary from person to person. The Universal Principles have been explained in the book, ‘Secrets to a Blissful Life’, with the help of real life incidents as well as Zen stories.

Swapna Peri: Which is the most motivational part in the book and why?
Preet Kanwal: The entire book in a way is a motivational book which encourages the reader to apply the principles behind these laws into their life and come up on top in the post-corona world. However, the various call to action suggestions after each chapter should be really helpful and inspirational. The common message running through it all and which is revealed towards the conclusion of the book should be particularly motivational and helpful in day to day life situations.

Swapna Peri: In the era of smart phones and fast life often everyone forget to live their lives in peace. How much can this book bring a change in one’s thinking?
Preet Kanwal: Reading is an active form of learning while the visual media is a passive form of learning for the simple reason that there is an important role played by imagination in case of the former. Although, nowadays a book is always competing with many gadgets which are vying for your attention, a book has its own place and significance. This particular book is written in a very easy to understand language which everyone will find simple to understand. The practical suggestions will specially be helpful for deriving peace of mind and happiness in today’s times.

Swapna Peri: The examples you have explained in the book for every universal law are very pragmatic. Personally I liked the book. But, there are lots of books that talk about the subject. How different is the book from the others?
Preet Kanwal: A conscious effort has been made not to delve too much into the theoretical part of the Universal Laws. There are other sources dealing with it, and also the subject may be too dry for a common reader. Each chapter starts with a short description of a new law, gives some real-life examples to explain the Law and then follows it up with the practical application of the Principles behind the Law. A Zen fable is described to provide an explanation and easy comprehension.

Swapna Peri: What other genres of books do you read? Can you name some of them?
Preet Kanwal: ‘The Secret by Rhonda Byrne’ is one book which I find myself going back to again and again. I find ‘E-squared and E-cubed by Pam Grout’ quite interesting as well. A book which anyone interested in the Self-help and motivation genre should definitely have on their book-shelf is, ‘The Success Principles by Jack Canfield’.

Swapna Peri: Who are your favorite authors? How did their writing help you?
Preet Kanwal: In addition to the already mentioned authors, I follow Louise Hay, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Wayne W Dyer and Eckhart Tolle to name a few. I find Osho Rajneesh’s philosophy and insights quite interesting as well. I feel, being in touch with different types of writings have the potential of expanding the mind and improving the thought process, in addition to enhancing one’s knowledge.

Swapna Peri: What are your other interests apart from the profession as a dentist and writing life?
Preet Kanwal: I like to play sports, especially tennis nowadays. Travelling is another one of my passions in addition to being a foodie. I will also call myself a movie-buff, particularly flicks which have a good story-line. Reading is great for unwinding after a hard day’s work and a passion for surgery of course, goes beyond the professional calling.

Swapna Peri: Is there anything about you which you want to share with us that the world doesn’t know?
Preet Kanwal: Nothing in particular, my life is like an open book which anyone can read. I just want to die empty, giving away to people and society in whatever way possible.

Swapna Peri: What was the most memorable incident in your professional life?
Preet Kanwal: There have been many. A particular incident happened at one of the medical missions to Africa which I have been part of through the Rotary International Foundation. I have mentioned about it in my first book as well. It was in Rwanda that we were operating on a patient with a massive tumor of the lower jaw when we realized that we needed to place a reconstruction bone plate to prevent the jaw from collapsing. As we did not have the required plating set at that time, we were in a fix. We were contemplating on how to get out of the extremely tight situation, and in walked our Orthopedics colleague from the adjacent Operation Theatre (OT). He had found a facial reconstruction kit in his OT, left behind by the previous medical mission team from Germany. Just shows that the Universe has strange ways of working through its Cosmic Synchronicity.

Swapna Peri: What was that one change you observed in yourself due to this Pandemic situation which almost changed the course of lives?
Preet Kanwal: One realizes the value of family, friends, spending time with yourself as well as the importance of your own health. The material things which were given so much importance earlier have been pushed to the backstage, where they belong. Also, people have suddenly found that money beyond a certain level may prove to be useless in such a situation. This has also been beautifully depicted by one of the Zen fables in the book.

Swapna Peri: Few words to our readers.
Preet Kanwal: Live as if there is no tomorrow and learn as if you are going to live forever. The key is to realize that the point of power is always in the present moment.


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