“The modern scientific rationalism and its dependence on empirical proof have marginalized the exploration of spirituality; You can understand the language of the animals and the songs of the grass, if you feel the love for God’s creations inside you!”

This book, “The Games of Light and Shadow” by Author Master Olga Gomon can most certainly be regarded as a “Spiritual Gift” to the readers seeking to read Religious Mysteries and Teen & Young Adult Magical Realism. The Author Olga Gomon has travelled many worlds and most of her experiences are invaluable. In the first volume of The Games of Light and Shadow series, Olga Gomon, a master practitioner of the esoteric, offers Childhood with Elves, an inspirational account of her magical childhood and her first teachers. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Author, Master Olga Gomon was born on 8th of August 1976 in Crimea, Ukraine. She started showing extraordinary abilities in her early childhood. Later in life, Master started healing people and meeting people from all walks of life. Thousands of people were seeking for her help and found a true teacher that to this day helps her students to discover the wonders of this world.

Master Olga Gomon is a writer, astro-psychologist, and coach who helps people through using her knowledge she acquired through education she got around the world and supernatural abilities. While she was raising two little kids, starting her business (which grew into an international company) she managed to write a dissertation to complete her PhD in Engineering and teach Applied Mathematics in University.

Her books are a reflection of her life and everything that was happening to her throughout the journey to more than 100 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Master’s books are historical guides throughout the land of earth that you can take with you and use as a map if you are a real adventurer like her. Authors depiction of places, legends and historical events sheds light on what and how certain events in history were happening while you read through her novels.

Master Olga Gomon has an ability to give a new broader perspective on the entire world since wherever she travels people tend to accept her as their own and don’t hesitate to share their knowledge and experiences with her. Her books are true testimony for the World View that we have all been waiting for.

INTRODUCTION: The book, The Games of Light and Shadow is a life-changing spiritual based Teen & Young Adult Magical Realism book which captivates the syllabus of high-brow spiritual experience that can be inspirational and enlightening. The Author, Olga Gomon makes a disclaimer that everything happening in this novel can be fiction, yet some people may interpret this as a thinly-veiled account of her spiritual journey and how it developed the spiritual intelligence that shaped her to pursue astro-psychology. 

Author Olga Gomon has written this book with captivating simplicity and demonstrates a bold ability to welcome esoteric trends as psychological, emotional, and spiritual nourishment.

READERS’ CONNECT: The plot has been written with the noble aim of shaping up the spiritual maturity in the life of the readers. The depth of the plot clearly tells that a lot of experiences and observations of the Author at different levels is being presented in this book, which indeed makes it Reading Worthy with an incredible combination of life-changing advices and self-helpful methods of reaching a better state of contentment.

This is the kind of book that people searching for an alternative source of inspiration would probably read. It can be difficult for some to discern where this work blurs the line between reality and fiction since it is marketed as an inspirational work about her childhood and spiritual training with her first teachers.

BOOK’S TITLE: Well, the Book Title is catchy too and has been much successful in creating curiosity in the minds of the readers. Also, the title is much justified since the plot had focused on captivating syllabus immerses in the living world through different characters along with an easy presentation of fantasy relationships and important laws. Also, the Book Cover deserves a special mentioning too for being so unique and outstanding!

FINAL VERDICT: “The Games of Light and Shadow” is a delicious recipe and an intelligent mixture of spirituality, religious mystery and teen & young adult magic realism which talks about how the world works and what forms of life exist. Through each unique character that we meet in the book we learn a personal trait – how to be filled with energy, how to learn to see magic and follow your goal. People with a broad outlook will find new consciousness-expanding their own views for and of themselves. 

These life-changing factors, which persuades the readers to think even deeper with regards to their current mental state makes the book a Must Read one! 

BOOK TITTLE:  The Games of Light and Shadow
PAGE NO.: 420
REVIEWED BY: Neel Preet At Criticspace
PUBLISHER: Authorhouse (2020)

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