How To Boost Your Books At Local Level Using Social Media

If you are an author then many a times thoughts of having name & fame in your local community would have struck your mind, well every author deserves that too. As it is very much justifiable that the authors should get recognized at least in their surroundings, however it is not the case in today’s world. Nevertheless, it is not something that is impossible so you always have the scope of rising as a ‘Star Author’ at your local level. Therefore, today in this write-up we shall discuss over some of those methods, which can help you to boost your books around your local surroundings using social media!

Interestingly, the tips in this article are all about reframing how as an author you might think about the use of social media. We might not know but social media can be an indeed powerful tool in your efforts to market your brand locally. Ironically, we spend so much time hunched over our computer screens and staring at our devices that we can forget the value of going out locally to connect with real people in our communities. Nevertheless, you can also add another dimension to your social media engagement practice by focusing your efforts locally.

Well, over here we shall focus over ‘4 Vital Tips’ that shall help you as an author to boost your books at local level using social media –

Be a Digital Ally of the Local Libraries

Modern libraries and library systems have actually done quite a good job of thriving in the digital age. Many of them have strong social media presences that help them connect with the community through sharing events and promoting available resources. You can connect with your local library through Twitter & Facebook, and be sure to interact regularly, not just by ‘Liking’ their posts, but by commenting, reposting, retweeting and interacting on a daily basis!

It is a good idea to develop a relationship with your local library in person because of the community connections that are possible, but by connecting in the digital realm, as well, you can show other local social media users and readers that you are into the local literary scene in a meaningful way.

Boost the Local Bookstores

Similarly, to the manner in which you would connect with the local libraries and build a relationship through social media, you can connect with local booksellers and shops. Help them promote events, especially those key local authors’ events that you are involved in and act as on online booster of bookstore efforts. Local readers have deep connections to their favourite bookstores, so if you can deepen your connection to those spaces as an author, you are sure to find some additional local support for your books!

Always remember that just like you, there are several other people too in your community who love literature, but who largely interface with the world through online communities and social media. You can connect with them via your favourite local bookstore’s social media platforms.

Start a Facebook Group for Local Literature Lovers

One great way to get involved in your local literary community and become one of its leaders is to start a Facebook Group focused on bringing area book lovers together. Alternatively, if you know other local authors, you can start a group that promotes the works that scribes in your particular part of the world have created. This is a great way to involve yourself in the local literary scene, and it can serve as a powerful platform for you to interest new readers in your own books!

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Meet Your Book-Loving Neighbours Online

Connecting with your local community is a key aspect of your overall author platform, but it does not all have to be in person. Local literary leaders and institutions have established online presences through social media, and these platforms serve as places where local book lovers can come together. Add your social media presence to the mix by interacting and connecting with others. It is well known what social media can do to connect you with your global audience, but there’s also a lot to be said for what it can do to strengthen your local literary bonds.

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Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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