Title: How Did We Get Into This Mess?: Politics, Equality, Nature
Author: George Monbiot
Pages: 352
Publisher: Verso
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About the book: How Did We Get into this Mess? based on his powerful journalism, assesses the state we are now in: the devastation of the natural world, the crisis of inequality, the corporate takeover of nature, our obsessions with growth and profit and the decline of the political debate over what to do.

While his diagnosis of the problems in front of us is clear-sighted and reasonable, he also develops solutions to challenge the politics of fear. How do we stand up to the powerful when they seem to have all the weapons? What can we do to prepare our children for an uncertain future? Controversial, clear but always rigorously argued, How Did We Get into this Mess? makes a persuasive case for change in our everyday lives, our politics and economics, the ways we treat each other and the natural world.

About the author: George Monbiot is one of the most vocal, and eloquent, critics of the current consensus. George Joshua Richard Monbiot born 27 January 1963) is an English essayist known for his environmental and political activism. He composes an ordinary segment for The Watchman and is the writer of various books. He started a vocation in insightful news coverage, distributing his most memorable book Poisoned Arrows in 1989 about basic liberties issues in West Papua. In later years, he has been engaged in activism and promotion connected with different issues, for example, environmental change, English legislative issues, and dejection. In Feral (2013), he examined and embraced the extension of rewilding. He is the pioneer behind The Land is Our own, a mission for the right of admittance to the open country and its assets in the Unified Kingdom. Monbiot was granted the Worldwide 500 of 1995 and the Orwell Prize in 2022.

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