Simply mutual by Deepak Mullick – Book Review

Author: Deepak Mullick Publisher: Notion Press; Rating: 4/5 Reviewed by Tasnima, Criticspace Journal Divided into 10 chapters, Simply mutual is a nonfiction book about the manner of investing in equity through mutual funds. The book begins with a rather long disclaimer but it is an essential read especially for beginners. This disclaimer draws on some […]

Book Review | Chennai To Chicago – Memoir Of A Software Engineer | Criticspace Journals

If you see, then nothing is permanent in life, we really can’t lean on anything completely with a free and a carefree approach. But life goes on with all these uncertainties and that’s not just the reality of life, but also the beauty of life! This book, Chennai to Chicago – Memoir of a Software […]

Book Review – Art of Staying Young while Growing Old – Criticspace Journals

Human life is such where things are decided for every stage in advance. From childhood to old age, the works and responsibilities are more or less decided as per the age and all that needs to be done in that time. But it is old age when things change and mostly, people find themselves free […]

God: The Best Friend & Guide | Jaydip Das | Criticspace Book Review

Spirituality is an aspect of life about which less people know about and the ones who do know do not know in much depth. Jaydip Das in his landmark work, “God, The Best Friend and Guide” attempts to enlighten the readers and tell them the importance of the path of spirituality through his life as […]

Book Review | Mastisk Aur Vicharo Se Jivan ki Rachna Kaise Kare ?|Criticspace Journals

बचपन से मैंने यह सोचा कि हमारा मस्तिष्क आखिरकार काम कैसे करता होगा? विद्यालय में पढ़ाए गए कंप्यूटर की चीप की तरह या फिर फिल्मों और कार्टून्स में दिखाएं कल्पनाओं की तरह, कुछ जवाब कक्षा दसवीं की विज्ञान की पुस्तक से मिले जिनमें सभी कार्यो के लिए अलग अलग चैंबर समझाएं गए। लेकिन अभी भी […]

10 Keys To Attain Happiness | Book Review | Rajat Khatri | Evincepub

Being happy is everyone’s desire and aim behind all their actions. In today’s busy life and run for a comfortable lifestyle, everyone does everything to be happy but somewhere that universal dream goes down the drain and people become victims of various psychological problems. In the light of this, Rajat Khatri writes the book, “10 […]

Presenting Book Review The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari By Robin Sharma at Criticspace| Top 100 Best Reviewer in India

Human beings are always in a race with each other or with time to achieve their targets or the objectives they have in mind. Only a life-changing or life-threatening event or mishappening which forces them to confinement or brings a halt in their fast-moving life is what makes them stop and ponder over life and […]

Book Review – Inspiration by Amit Arora | Evincepub | Criticspace | Book Promotion Services

Poetry now-a-days is a little less favored form of literary writing among the present day writers. Even if there are a few writers trying to give words to their emotions or their experiences in a concise manner, the work is not always able to meet the bar set by the poetic giants of earlier times. […]

Book Review – #Mylifeline: Part – III: Being Self-Motivated – Criticspace | Book Promotion Company in India

“Do not compete with anyone in the Race of Life; Compete with yourself. Life is not a race but a pace we need to maintain with reality!” The book, “#Mylifeline: Part – III: Being Self-Motivated” by Author Vishal Patel (Sevak) is actually the third instalment of the Author’s Inspirational Novel Series #Mylifeline. The first novel […]

Book Review | And So Can You | Criticspace

“Success is never easy” as it is rightly said. In today’s time, everyone is chasing success and working hard to get to the pinnacle. Every success story has two secrets. That secret is hard work and never give up spirit. Other than that, efforts courage perseverance determination are also the contributors of success. In order […]