The human mind is such that it keeps wandering over the different things it witnesses and the various events that occur. As time gives experience to a human being, the wisdom born out of it is much more practical and applicable to life in the real sense. A work bearing a thorough influence of this experience from observation is Dr. Dewakar Goel’s book, “Reflections: Inscriptions of Time on the pages of life.” The title suggests many things, but what it directly indicates is that as time changes, so do the situations. How these things reflect on a person’s mind is also another thing that the readers may notice as they read through Dr. Goel’s work. His intention in the book is to give a rare glimpse of the Corona times which would be a thing of the past in the future. He provides a platform to people of all professions, from law-makers to breakers to homemakers to youngest readers to mature readers too. 

Dr. Goel takes up an impressive framework of presenting the content in the form of walls. Metaphorically, these walls perhaps imply the different times of his life when he would have observed things and people and mused over the various events around him. With all the 38 walls together, Dr. Goel presents the different sides of life coming together on the canvas of “Reflections.” These are the factors that make the title valid and relevant due to the nature of the author’s content. He begins the book with a reflection on the past as to how the book came into existence and materialized from dream form by being launched by the former president of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. This only reinforces the thought in the minds of the readers that whatever they are going to read is going to be a product of an observer of society.

Dr. Goel talks about diverse issues and how little issues can cast massive impacts on people’s lives of not just the present generation but also the ones to come in the future. This also highlights his awareness of the burning issues of the day, among them being the pandemic of Coronavirus and its impacts on the Indian economy and the world economy. Since he belongs to the medical fraternity, he gives an insider’s account and gives the silent warriors a voice as they would be unheard otherwise. Apart from this, Dr. Goel’s involvement in different fields of work gives him an edge to see and objectively present his observations. The air of Covid and its effects on people’s lives loom large in the book everywhere. 

With a language that is easy for every reader to understand, “Reflections” is merely an introduction to the author’s insightful thought process. It not only helps the readers understand the views of the author but at the same time, they would also experience an update in their factual knowledge, which would help them in becoming aware of the things happening around them. Since the work tries to show people’s lives without any bias or opinion affecting the writing, readers who are interested in reading non-fictional work may find Dr. Goel’s work of their interest. The book may also prove to be a document, a record of the present time for future generations to refer to and understand the tough time the people are facing today.

After his ground-breaking works like “AIIMS: Catch Me if You Can,” “A Tryst With The Neurologist Dr. Navneet Kumar” and his Hindi work, “Tum Laut Aao,” Dr. Goel writes a unique piece in “Reflections.” While “AIIMS” is a thought-provoking work of fiction and “A Tryst” is about the detailed life of one of the best-known neurologists of the present day, Dr. Navneet Kumar, and “Tum Laut Aao” is a collection of poems that are written at random moments when the poet was in a deep emotional state, “Reflections” is very different from all of them. It is a work that explores the collective impact of one event on the lives of people from different professions and a variety of fields. Whether it is a celebrity’s life or the lives of ordinary people, all find the same platform for expression in Dr. Goel’s work. Towards the end of the work, the readers would also find different pieces of poetry from Dr. Goel’s pen. They again highlight the artistic potential of the author and how much more is to come from his pen. With a plethora of quotations mentioned at the beginning of every wall, the readers also get an idea of how well read the author himself is and the people who are his influencers. In addition to uniqueness, it is a work of maturity, and it can be said that as Dr. Goel continues to write, his progress as an artist shows in full form.

AUTHOR NAME:  Dr. Dewakar Goel
BOOK TITTLE: Reflections: Inscriptions of Time on the Pages of Life
PUBLISHER:  Authorspress (6 January 2021)

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