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Bound under a supernatural paradigm, we all reside inside a constant, irrevocable cycle of life. That’s what our ancient scriptures say and our modern science denies. What Is Divine Energy; is the first step of Dr. Gupta’s twelve books project and is a profound effort to construct an analogy between modern science and India’s ancient wisdom. The scientific community toils over a single cell integrating a million times to make a human body but do we have any idea that a minute microscopic cell has all the potential to give us a meaningful life? Do we ever think about a cell’s utmost energy in designing a better life for us? In this natural cycle of birth, growth, death, we all are wandering in pursuit of our individuality, a purpose, our sentient entity and a never ending wishlist to fulfill; unbeknownst to the fact that everything around has a logical explanation to influence our life. And this book encompasses a sequential and consequential approach in deciphering the very growth of a minute cell into a spiritual entity.

It is an experimental elaboration to conjoin our physical body with our consciousness which can be instrumental in shaping a positive attitude. This book is academic and it is complex. Nevertheless all those integrated processes of nature that we fail to understand, has been given a calculated outlook. A reader is challenged in more than one way to learn a new way of understanding a human life. The physical life as well as the astral life. If you don’t believe the latter, go through the third chapter to see the comprehensive explanation of lunar time affecting our emotional growth. Enjoy some interesting abbreviation, be it for DIVINE or for GUIDER. Dr. Gupta chose a unique way to make life better for the future generation by educating the present generation through his book. When the whole human community is busy in gaining knowledge from diverse domain, this book draws our attention to our own convincing past where spirituality played a role, where divinity was a part of natural dynamics. And here, every approach or statement is justified through calculative proofs. It is curious to learn that even a puerile mentality is transferred along the gene. 

In a layman’s language, if we consider stars as the source of divine energy, we must acknowledge the existence of dark matter and black hole. Dr. Gupta describes this cosmic core and how it channels out the consciousness and para consciousness. This book defines a human body is as an organization and how it treads either with or without consciousness. It is tactful to describe all the nonbelievers as culturally-bounded rationale who are busy becoming a homologue of their famous predecessors. So very true and crucial point. We hardly try to oppose a well famed scientist. That was a bold proclamation to say the least. This book is for all those who wish to decipher a new reality beyond the realms that are vehemently denied by many scientists for their preconceived notion. Regardless of the boundaries set by the scientists, their manifested or desired reality, Dr. Gupta nurtures some unvisited aisles paved by our ancient sages. As concluded through nine chapters, a microscopic cell has much more potential than to just divide and grow in numbers and a human is bestowed with all the resources to lead an untormented life, provided he/she learns to accept and nurture his/her astral power. 

The topic is complex and so is the language; however with every line this book is drawing us to a whole new vocabulary of life. Through a critical perspective, if there is something called Divine Energy, then there must be a unit value. The consecutive chapters are dedicated to unleash every factor that helps in accessing our own divinity. Let the pages turn by and one can find the cohesion with real life work situation. And to think of it, the author brings in the human’s contribution in modifying, or better to say polluting the work culture through his own divine power.

There is a beautiful statement about how humans are actually gifted to enjoy the present reality with absolute consciousness. Then why all of a sudden, a kind of rat race begins about worrying for the future. And from where? Once the book proceeds, it comes as a jerk to the nonbelievers as each subsection reveals the influence of gravitational forces, or astronomical bodies on our sentience, the energy element in our cosmic lifetime and the energy of an astrological soul and our Zodiac spirit. Are they different? Read this masterpiece of analysis and you will be flooded with scientific explanation of everything which you once might have abandoned as superstition.There are chapters so intriguing where it is explained how a man’s consciousness play a role in defining the deity. How an illusion of supremacy is caused and followers queue up behind one ideology instead of nourishing their own consciousness. More I write, I am afraid to reveal some spoilers.

In short, If you are seeking a scientific, well analysed account of divinity, this is a book is your next read. It will serve as a strategic awareness programme about our own potential so that we can lead a positive life and leave behind a healthy and potent legacy for our future generation. If those fables of cultural wisdom of India ever disputed your rationale, this book shall answer your doubts. What is Divine Energy is a mode to defy a blind faith and draw a sensible outlook towards our beliefs. 

AUTHOR NAME:  Dr. Vipin Gupta
BOOK TITTLE: What Is Divine Energy: Power of Managing Science of Everything
PUBLISHER:  Power Publisher
REVIEWED BY :   Atrayee Bhattacharya  at Criticspace Journals 
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RATING:  4/5

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