Book Title – The Rhythm of Butterfly

Author – Santosh Kumar Biswa 

Recommendation:  Every poetry lover and prose lover should read this book.

Book Title: “The Rhythm of Butterfly “is very eloquent and expressive title which immediately draws a beautiful and soulful picture in a reader’s mind.

Book Cover: Just like the title, the cover of the book is very peaceful and heartfelt image of a butterfly with a dark background.

About the Author: Santosh Kumar Biswa is a Bhutanese Poet and presently an English Language and Literature Teacher at Damphu Central School, Bhutan. His writing career started off, when his best friend passed away in 2005. He has been writing poetry ever since that tragic loss of his acquaintance and left unpublished. His two poems, “My Father, My Mother” and “Come Back” appeared in an international poetry anthology “Someone’s Child” printed in Australia by HOPE Foundation in accordance with the fundraiser for ‘Forget-me-not Foundation’ and ‘Luke Batty Foundation’.

About the Book: ‘The Rhythm of Butterfly’ is a collection of 131 poems with a very unique theme which is very melodic but at the same time leaves very impactful traces on a reader’s mind .From the very first poem it reflects the psychology of the poet who is somewhere find peace in expressing his feelings about the behaviour of a human being, love, nature, education, moral, motivation, spirituality, divine, ideology, life, gain, loss, happiness, dreams, ego, hell, heaven, justice, women and many things which is left unsaid. This collection of poems act as a perfect blend of human thoughts. The rhythm of poetry is not limited as a poem but each poem tells you a story which do not set off from your head.

My review: ‘The Rhythm of Butterfly’ is a collection of contemporary poems which encounter with the several topics which is true and real. The poems are related to all aspects of life whether it is bright or dark side of life. It will teach you rich value and lessons of life.

There are Concepts that will ultimately promote a productive exploration that thrills and feeds the inner instinct of the readers both to germinate their own responses and to read and enjoy poetry.

From the very first poem “My Peace Train, where are you gone”, the author talks about the things which is so realistic that everyone can relate their life with the words written in that poem. ‘For a world free of racism and prejudice’, these lines express that how all the division and differences disturb the peace of man’s mind. Throughout the book the rhythm of poem makes the reader feel relax and release the stress for some time. 

131 poem covers different themes which shows the true picture of society. I found this poem “the road to be taken” very interesting because from our past we have learnt about the road not taken but if we had known about the which road, we have to took I think then our could have become happier and more peaceful. My favourite poem in this book is “Smile”, ‘Behold a smile – it costs nothing, but does hold high in regard’. All our life we run towards money and this fast-paced life we forget the basic characteristics of being a human is to smile. By a simple smile we can win the world but in this competitive environment we forget everything even to smile. Truly it cost nothing but it makes you rich from your heart and positive vibes emitting from your soul. A smile makes your soul happy and bright. 

Poems like ‘people are lost’, ‘wake up’, ‘cultural difference’ is the true base of our existence. To some extent, everyone is culturally competent, because at some point everyone has met, learned about, and gotten along with someone of a race, religion, or country different from themselves. But everyone also has ignorance, biases, and prejudices when it comes to dealing with those who are different. To be culturally competent is to know where your understanding ends and your ignorance begins, and to be committed to learning about and respecting differences in others.

With the serious topic the author does not leave the essence of love. Poem like ‘dark beauty’, ‘this Valentine’, love and lovers, love at distance gives the spices of romance. The author has fashioned the prose in his poetry.


Author Name:  Santosh Kumar Biswa 
Book Title:  THE RHYTHM OF THE BUTTERFLY: Contemporary Poetry Anthology
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing; 1 edition (8 November 2019)
Review By:  Shruti  at Criticspace

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