S. O. U. L. Stories of Ur Life by Tridib Ghosh is a book compiled of twelve short stories. The author tried to represent a number of human emotions from his perspective. I really liked how Mr Ghosh discussed, artificial intelligence, technology, love, pain, heart break in these stories. Ma, Married To Love and The Gift are my favorite among them. Ma and The Gift literally broke my heart. While reading these stories, it felt like they happen around me all the time, it could even be my story. 

BFF732 is the story of a special kid who finds best friend in an artificial intelligence prototype. New psychological problems are arising every day in today’s world, especially among children. The kind of peer pressure and parental pressure they are facing is beyond words. Tuhin is a kid dealing with Learning Disorder and Hyperactivity Disorder. When his classmates bully him for his inability to cope like the kids of his age group, his parents introduce Diya to him. Tuhin could never be happier. But is it really fine to find solace in artificial intelligence prototypes rather human beings? A well written concept by Mr Ghosh.

Ma is another story where Amlan and Bivas who are childhood friends reconnect through facebook. Bivas has changed a lot over the period of time, but Amlan remains the same. Amlan’s childhood happened to be very difficult with no mother to look after him and he strangely gets extremely attached to a mannequin. When Bivas goes over to Amlan’s home, he finds how an orphan like Amlan finds a caring mother in a stranger. It’s a beautiful story about human relationships.

Married To Love is also a story discussing the topic of artificial intelligence. It is a beautiful love story where a machine falls in love with a human being Pratyush. Tani and Pratyush fall in love in a unique circumstances, support each other to grow career wise, and then get happily married. The story takes a u-turn when Pratyush’s parents blame Tani for failing to give them grandchildren. Under this strange situation, Tani decides to risk her life to make Pratyush and his parents happy. This is definitely one of the cutest love stories I’ve ever read. 

The Gift is a heart breaking story. Nikhil and Sayani are a beautiful couple and happily married. Nikhil gets busier with his work and hardly spends time with Sayani. But one day, Nikhil plans a surprise for Sayani on their anniversary with a beautiful gift. The ending of this story is so tragic and I couldn’t get over it. And the fact that this story is based on a true event made me think twice about the online services that we are approaching in this busy world. After all, a small error can cost a life. 

I just gave an excerpt of few of my favorite stories from the book. There are more meaningful and soulful stories like these in this book. Each and every story has a unique point and the way Mr Ghosh gave the details of the characters in each story is amazing. They felt so real and I could immediately connect with them deeply, while reading. 

The illustrations definitely caught my attention. They are beautifully done by Mr Tridib Ghosh. The pictures are subtle, yet meaningful, they are not overwhelming. He is an accomplished artist and the illustrations are his finest work.

Tridib Ghosh who is the contemporary leader in the interactive and digital space, believes that there is a story everywhere. He thinks that they are to be woven in such way that they touch the reader’s heart. I must say, Mr Ghosh did an excellent job at touching his readers’ hearts.  The pace of the book is very smooth and I enjoyed it very much. I would definitely recommend this book to my fellow readers. 


Author Name:  Tridib Ghosh
Book Title:  S. O. U. L. Stories Of Ur Life
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (28 October 2019)
Review By:  Madhuri at Criticspace

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