“Yes miracles do happen in life, all you need to do is to trust the process and keep your belief firm, no matter whatever the situation serves you with!”

The book, “Miracles Through My Eyes” by Author Dinesh Sahay is the second book of the Author, which I’m reviewing and I’m really thrilled to read another book of Author Dinesh Sahay. Well, this non-fiction book actually consists of some personal experiences, analysis, research and miracles, which the Author witnessed through his eyes. In this book, the Author describes the ART OF CREATION in a very vivid manner and also highlights his own experiments, which he had carried out on self and others.

With the purpose of helping the people to fulfil their pre-set goals and dreams, the author has composed this book! In this book, subjects like the “Cause & Effect Theory”, “Power of Mind” and “Power of Spoken Words” are discussed and explained in an extremely helpful manner to the readers. The Author also talks about the tools, which he had created over the time with his experiences in order to examine the miracles of the life.

The Author, Dinesh Sahay (BSc, CBIM), has worked in many companies as ex. GM, Techno link Engineering Co Pvt Ltd, Techno Trade; Senior Manager Marketing & Sales Kumar Oxygen Ltd, Kumaun Gases Ltd; DM, Modi Rubber Ltd and so on. During this period, he has educated many of his members online and clients, distributors, dealers and employees of the company about his programme and guided them towards positive creation in life – with great success which includes businesses, finances etc.

With the vast practical experience in the art of creation, he started his program Make Your Dreams Come True and “Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune” in 2003, through blogs and social media. He interacted with members online. He distributed his programme as a digital book through email to all his members. Finally, he is now publishing two books – one relates to art of creation and consists of Wish-Fulfilment programme, “Enlighten the Lamp of Your Fortune”, and the other book is about his practical life experiences with miracles, “Can I Create What Stars Can’t Foretell?” and Hindi version of Enlighten the lamp of your Fortune.

In this book, the Author has talked about some of the miraculous events and happenings of his life. He also talks about the DOs & DON’Ts which the people need to follow in order to fulfil their pre-determined targets and wishes within time frame. Also, the ways to erase the negativity from the mind is very nicely explained in various of the chapters of this book. The Author had not only provided the theoretical solution but also had explained many practical approaches, which readers can apply in their daily lives to deal with their issues!

Specifically, in the “7th Chapter” of this Book, How Thoughts & Words Shape Destiny? the Author has shared some truly useful insights for the readers to understand the implications of our thoughts and the very words which we choose to speak. As we all have read this Margaret Thatcher quote, “Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character.” The author has not only justified this teaching but also explained the same to readers in the most convenient manner for us to understand the whole philosophy and abide by it! 

The book teaches us about the “Art of Creation” and links up this philosophy with how we are responsible for the creation of our own destination, which is an interesting analogy and engages the readers to go deep in the book, where one can seek answers to many unsolved questions. The book discusses about the manner in which our mind plays a vital role in our lively routines and the analysis of it getting diverted with the occurrence of the slightest of negativity in our mind. 

Much effort has been made by the Author for the readers to focus on the positive notes in their lives, which helps them in mending their thoughts and hence their actions too in a constructive manner. Undoubtedly, the aim of this book is to bring happiness in the lives of the people and focus has been made on finding the solution to our problems by the method of Self-Analysis & Self-Introspection. Moreover, the narration in this book has been done so brilliantly that it creates a ray of hope with the feeling of optimism in the readers’ mind!

With a series of Golden Statements by the Author, this book “Miracles Though My Eyes” is a miracle itself for the readers who are seeking motivation, happiness and the belief that everything is going to be alright! Hence, the Book Title is very much appropriate and deserves appreciation. The book has been written with the aim of empowering the people and the theme of this book sets a very positive and progressive philosophy which makes it a Must Read book. Happy Reading!


Author Name:  Dinesh Sahay
Book Title: Miracles Through My Eyes
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2019)
Review By:  Neel Preet  at Criticspace

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