Manoj Kumar Sharma is a self-styled author, whom those stories attract much, which fearlessly break the laws to give birth to better laws. Having spent long 31 Years while working with MNCs and Corporates as Civil Engineer, enabled his journey riding through Snakes & Ladders and experiencing various shades of Life. He belongs to Thane, Maharashtra. The Author has a natural taste for Fiction Stories, searching for out-of-the-box solutions for perennial social problems.

Manoj Kumar Sharma’s “Mirrro” is a thrilling tale filled with twists and turns to hold on to the reader’s interest and imagination. He artistically targets the problems faced by maximum number of people which are smoking and drinking. He brings these problems and their after effects to the forefront by the character of Indo. He also talks about the circumstances due to which the result is such. Since the text is set in the future, the imagination of the author regarding the usage of artificial intelligence and the predictions of what a developed India would be like etc is interesting. At one level, the author seems to suggest that even if India progresses and moves on the road to becoming a developed country, the problems that are apparent today will remain tomorrow if not solved in the present. The plotline is linear and simple but the issues the author raises are serious and important. The manner in which the author narrates the story is what holds the attention of the reader. Time and again, the author also uses pictures in between the text to predict the events which further ignites the imagination of the reader by adding vividness.

Set in Dehradun and Mumbai, a major portion of the narrative is set in the past to narrate the events of Indo’s life. Through the novel, the author has made a brilliant attempt to raise multiple issues that affect humans psychologically and socially. The issues he raises are not just the ones that affect adults, but also the ones that affect children and youngsters. The brutality against Maasma is an attempt by the author to draw attention to the affects the victim and all the near and dear have to suffer. He suggests that the position of women cannot change even if our country is developed and has progressed. Indo on the other hand seems to be a weak person even though he belonged to a family of freedom fighters as his character and health go on deteriorating till the end, thus shattering the stereotype image of a hero. This only makes his character more realistic and human. His character becomes a representative of many youths who face crisis and tough situations away from home and family and take decisions that impact the rest of their lives. Placing him against a person opposite to his character, his grandmother only shows the strength of a female where age is only a number. Indo appears miserably and insanely immature in handling the crisis he faces at different junctures in his life while his grandmother is strong, resilient and an “iron lady” (as the narrator puts it). Indo is also a victim of his circumstances and sometimes the readers become sympathetic towards his plight. Through his grandmother the reader can also see the difference of the thought process, approaches and strength of the two generations.

The themes the author talks about are the status of women, education, society, system (social and political), the importance of family ties, experience, wisdom and love.

Mirrro, the creation of both the author and Indo is more like the need of the hour, taking immediate action and doing whatever it takes to make things right. Here too, the wisdom of the earlier generation comes into play. Mirrro can signify the more practical and insensitive side of a person. The presence of Miirrro is not for a very long time but it is because of Mirrro that the events are kicked off at the beginning of the novel. The content of the novel is deep, tragic, disturbing and serious. Since it deals with issues that confront the present-day society, the novel becomes more of a practical read and a reality check at the same time. The readership is more likely to be among the adult age group who are aware of the surroundings and routine events.

The writing style of the author is also interesting and remarkable. The writing framework is of a novel but due to the author’s style, the novel more seems like a drama being enacted due to very realistic and lively characters and also the situations and problems they face. Every character has proper dialogues assigned which they speak and we also have a narrator. The author keeps switching from novel form to drama form throughout. This interesting mixture of genres makes his work stand out from the rest of the contemporary writings. His unique writing style and the frequent switching of narratives defines his craft, skill and his flair to write. His skill at writing is remarkably exceptional. For those who are interested in reading something more practical, socially sensitive and serious content which shows both humans and their relationships balanced with their facing the society and the encounters and issues they face, Sharma’s book is a perfect read.


Author Name:  Manoj Kumar Sharma 
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (24 October 2019)
Review By:  Akhila  at Criticspace                                                                             Paperback: 372 pages

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