Author’s Background: The Author, who goes by the Pen Name of ACEFLIPPER91 is an optimistic person, who believes in the Truth & Transparency. The Author urges us to be the protagonist in our lives by accepting our mistakes and taking measures to rectify them. Also, the Author advocates the philosophy that the present is the most accurate time to take turn in the right direction and set foot to the right path towards the future.

Neel Preet: First of all, Big Congratulations on your book, “THE FOURTH EYE: An Untold Truth” ACEFLIPPER91! What responses are you getting from this book of yours? Please share your experience about this book.

ACEFLIPPER91: Thank you Neel Preet, This is my first book. Initially I was finding difficulties in reaching out people to read my book. But after consecutive releases people started reading this book and are impressed with my style of writing. I write about ongoing social activities which misleads the society and how people have blinded themselves with the stupid rules set by society as a laid out  big game plan. Which we are following simply without questioning the reality we are in. The reality we are living is not the ultimate truth and there is life and different way of living beyond our imagination . How we can live in a better environment and better society. 

Readers have accepted my thoughts and are happy reading my book. This is my first release and best selling book yet.

I can say that this book is best selling as highest number of copies are sold till now compared to other books.

Readers have encouraged me to write more and they have pointed out where I was wrong and where I did a great job. Readers appreciated my ideology and way of writing . They are happy to read this book as it concentrates more on society and and ongoing social affairs . This book is still incomplete as I am about to write about 100 topics in a different manner beyond one’s imagination.

I wanted to see how readers take this type of writing before completing my book. Now that everyone have accepted my book very well I intend to finish it soon and release the complete edition.

Neel Preet: I’ve read your book and I found out that it’s an “Unconventional Narration of Life Events” so my next question to you is that what inspired you to write this book? What was the impetus behind this work of yours?

ACEFLIPPER91: basically I am a dreamer. I dream a lot and I had no source to put forth all my dream. Now that I finally found a way to store my dream. These are glimpses of my thoughts. I like to filter out bad thoughts even when I dream and stay positive in it. I try to picture all these events in a positive way and help readers also to think positive and guide them in a way that readers will learn to filter out negative thoughts and negative honking in them. I want to change society and show them how being positive is helpful in everyone’s life. I want to guide everyone into my dream land where people find hope and positivity in it and stay focused in their daily life believing that there is hope in there life and also find meaning to their life. I want this book to be a positive friend to people . This book should increase imagination and creativity in people which we find very less nowadays. 

One more thing is people started questioning me that how come I became a writer in this young age? Most of them asked me this question. 

Seriously is there any age limit to do everything? That’s what I concentrate on.

To remove this blind belief. People follow rules. Rules made by those who have made a big game plan and profiting from it. Everyone profit from the society and most of us follow these rules as fools.

So about the book how it started. As I mentioned the date also. It was random. I decided to write a book which should be a ultimate guide to the society. A guide which should help everyone and every field. A book which reach out all the readers and help them solve their misunderstandings about life and societ

When I started writing I didn’t look into Story or poetry or anything. I decided to write a book which should be a moral guide to everyone . I didn’t even know that it is called unconventional writing. But I am really happy that readers accepted my way of writing and helped me improve a lot and guided me along my path. I am improving a lot after this book . I do hope that one day I will be a well known writer.


Neel Preet: You have written about the behavioural conduct of a person and human emotions like love, betrayal & trust so, what made you choose a topic like this to carry out your plot? 

ACEFLIPPER91: Apart from these behavioural conduct of a person and human emotions like love, betrayal and trust. I also chose to write about advancement, science and educational system. Which you should go through also. 

As you asked about these I shall tell you. About behavioural conduct. It is really important to build your morale. I didn’t concentrate on pinpointing everything in it. I helped you readers understand a way to increase your morale. I don’t want to say you should . I would like to say that if you do like this you will find  happiness in one corner of your heart. You should find your happinesses on your one and should be aware that it reflects of the society and family in a good manner. You should think positive and stay positive.

About emotions this is quite tough topic and I have just started exploring it. But I do believe that readers should be guided about good and positive emotions only because even if we explore deep dark corners and write about it in book . It will definitely influence readers to explore that content and try out themselves. Which is harmful . We may veined our of it and its influences but some remain in it and get lost in those deep thoughts.

I do not encourage such corners in emotions and readers really don’t have to explore such topics.

I only want to help them come out of it . 

Read about positivity and self help only.

Don’t explore unnecessary things.

Neel Preet: Reading the narrative of the plot in this book, I’m greatly impressed and I want you to explain us, your version of how this book will amuse the readers and stand up to their expectations.

ACEFLIPPER91: This book is about self help and positivity in society also exploring and viewing the society we all know already in a different way. I dream of this book as a guide to everyone and recap of our society and a totally different view of the same society. I want to complete this book as soon as possible and explore every corners concerning the readers only and help them in every way I can. I want to welcome all the readers into my dream land and guide them to be happy and stay positive. Support each other and love each other. We do not have to play as pawns in this big game plan laid out by our elders from the past.

We do have to follow certain and we don’t have to follow few. 

Also I want to show readers the importance of creativity and positive thinking. Dreaming which helps everyone. 

How they can see society positively. 

I have come across people who curse others daily every being due to their failures which aren’t even our ultimate goal. People simply suffer because they believe in rules hopelessly and decide to suffer in it. They will eventually loose the balance of positivity and negativity. 

I have also seen reputed and highly qualified people with less morale and human values . We are in the edge of loosing everything that makes us human. I exclusively concentrate on writing about building our personalities. 

This book is about truth and alternative reality

Next I will write about positivity and self help .

By my books I want to change my reader and make them part of my dreamland and help them build their individual personality in a good manner

Also guys don’t think too much as I suffered hardships and emotional breakdown too deep. Yes I have suffered a little and I picked up myself quickly and I am happy and peaceful. I want to help you all too

I didn’t suffer any hardships or any huge breakdowns because I am smart enough to come out of it quickly before these things consume me completely also  I am just a writer and I like writing stuff. 

Happy ya’ll…

Neel Preet: Are there any other books being worked by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

ACEFLIPPER91: THE FOURTH EYE:An Untold Truth and LUCIFER’S OWN HEART released together as twin release. They both are self help books also fourth eye concentrates in society and well-being. 

I have also published a book SOUVENIR EMPEROR. Which you guys have to check out as that books shows you how a usual kid from a small village achieves unusual dream. This will builds more positive thinking in you readers.

Now I am writing two new books ‘FRESHMEN ADVENTURES’ and ‘BANGALORE 1872’ . 

I can say that Bangalore 1872 is one of my best work and it is a Suspenseful Thriller Novel. I am taking my time in weaving this book properly by taking past experiences.

Freshmen adventures is about journey of a medical student and all that he endures in his journey. Both books are first book of its series.

I have taken time out lecturing people and writing these books to entertain them. 

Neel Preet: Thank you so much for answering all my questions. All the very best to you for future and your book too!

ACEFLIPPER91: Thanks a lot Neel Preet. Enjoyed having interviewed by you. I wish you all the best for your future and take care.

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