Poetry now-a-days is a little less favored form of literary writing among the present day writers. Even if there are a few writers trying to give words to their emotions or their experiences in a concise manner, the work is not always able to meet the bar set by the poetic giants of earlier times. Although, if one were to read “Inspiration” by Amit Arora, this perception might fade away. Through his short and yet wonderful writing, Amit Arora makes the reader reminisce the Chilean writer, Pablo Neruda due to the simple subjects he takes up in his poetry writing.

Even though Arora’s collection of poetry is titled, “Inspiration”, it would be injustice to declare the poetry volume as simply meant for inspiration 

The poet goes beyond things that would simply inspire. He explores different emotions that a human experiences at different points of time in his life. Whether it is joy or melancholy or nostalgia or love for family or hope or realization or any other emotion. His poems are short but they are long enough to convey the thought he has in his mind and make the reader understand his ideas. The fact of the poems being short only adds on to their beauty altogether. 

Like Pablo Neruda who wrote on subjects as simple as a tomato in his poem “Ode to Tomato” or other poems like “Your laughter”, “Ode to my socks”, “Lemon” and “Bird”, Arora has also written on simple subjects like and also explores writing about abstract subjects like emotions in poems like “Hope”, “Perspective”, “Vibes”, “Knots”. Such poems give an introduction to the observation of the poet which can notice such intricate yet regular things. How these little regular things which otherwise are not really given attention can also be explored in poetry writing, Arora knows very well.

He records the emotions humans feel in poems like “Nostalgia”, “Love”, “Anxiety” and “Empathy”. He also reminisces his life gone so far in poems like “Nostalgia” and “Memories”. He also shows his flair to observe people and write things that affect all of us in some way or the other in poems like “Addiction”, “Irony”, “Breathlessness”, “Discord” and “Marketing”. These poems give a hint of how capable the poet is to explore and write about things that are of very different natures.

The subject content of Arora’s poems looks simple but there is an inherent beauty to almost all of them.

The poet has also used images after every poem or at the beginning to bring the reader closer to his thought. Using such images concretizes the idea of the poet which adds vividness to the image he is trying to create. The cover of the book is also gives a clear message of positivity and looking at the brighter side of life. The poetry collection may have a set of 25 poems, but as the poet advises his readers in the beginning (to read one poem in a day) makes absolute sense as only then the reader can get an actual understanding and grip of the message of the poet. Reading one poem a day will make sure that the reader gets a deeper understanding of the thought of the poet and also ponder over it time and again.

The poems can be read by people of all ages irrespective of thel backgrounds they belong to. The language is simple and friendly to the vocabulary of the reader. On the one hand, the poems do have the ability to inspire while on the other hand, they also have the potential to evoke other human emotions. Therefore, it becomes a comfortable read for everyone. 


Author Name:  Amit Arora
Book Title:  Inspiration
Publisher:  Evincepub Publishing; 1 edition (25 February 2020)
Review by:  Criticpsace Journal

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