“We can create our as per our wishes, dreams and goals. We can become what we want in our lives!” 

The book, “Enlighten the Lamp of Your Fortune” by Author Dinesh Sahay could be described as a Set of Guide to find solutions to those problems, which each one of us faces in our regular day-to-day lives. The Author felt the pain of the people facing the issues like financial problems, job and promotion related issues, marriage issues – selection of partner in arranged or love marriage, any kind of illness, business issues – increasing of business turnover or expansion of the business, small quarrels or big fights and all other kinds of issues, which regular people faces in their daily lives! With his experience, the Author had been kind enough to provide a solution to all these issues probably in the best possible manner, for us to understand and act upon.

The Author, Dinesh Sahay (BSc, CBIM), has worked in many companies as ex. GM, Techno link Engineering Co Pvt Ltd, Techno Trade; Senior Manager Marketing & Sales Kumar Oxygen Ltd, Kumaun Gases Ltd; DM, Modi Rubber Ltd and so on. During this period, he has educated many of his members online and clients, distributors, dealers and employees of the company about his programme and guided them towards positive creation in life – with great success which includes businesses, finances etc.

With the vast practical experience in the art of creation, he started his program Make Your Dreams Come True and “Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune” in 2003, through blogs and social media. He interacted with members online. He distributed his programme as a digital book through email to all his members. Finally, he is now publishing two books – one relates to art of creation and consists of Wish-Fulfilment programme, “Enlighten the Lamp of Your Fortune”, and the other book is about his practical life experiences with miracles, “Can I Create What Stars Can’t Foretell?” and Hindi version of Enlighten the lamp of your Fortune.

In his book, the Author has used simple and yet impactful approach to explain how the “Cause and Effect Theory” plays its role for all the problems in life, which are self-created. He believes that if there’s a problem, then there’s a solution too for sure to combat with that problem. In these 16 Reading Worthy Chapters of the book, the Author had not only provided the theoretical solution but also had explained many practical approaches, which readers can apply in their daily lives to deal with their issues.

Specifically, in the “8th Chapter” of this Book, How Good Actions and Charity Make You Happy the Author has shared some great insights for the readers to understand the implication of our actions – be it be good or evil; Our acts affect others and the world in one or many ways. The essence of good acts and charity plays the key role in our pursuit of happiness, joy and contentment. If you have been not advised properly, about how your actions could affect others and create hardships in others’ lives, then here you can easily seek all those DOs & DON’Ts that you need to take care of in order to lead a life, which only pave ways for your happiness without causing any kind of harm or foul to others. 

The book teaches us about how to create something which we desire, by the art of creation in the actual life and how we are the creator of our own destiny. The Author believes that the future is indefinite and we have to create it thus, the art of creating our future by our own is explained in a very splendid manner in this book. As mentioned in the book, “Fate or Kismet (destiny) is the invention of fools and does not exist. Whoever believes in it and is obsessed with divine fate, is the enemy of his own soul. He perishes, destroying his own good worth and prosperity.” Yogi Vashishtha.

The Author had taken much efforts to represent those people who are fighting with different kinds of issues in their daily lives and had made it easier for them to lead a happy life. Focus has been made on finding the solution to our problems by the method of “Self-Analysis & Self-Introspection” moreover, not only in personal life but also for the growth and expansion of business, this method can be proved fruitful.

The book has been written with the aim of empowering the people and the theme of this book sets a very positive and progressive hence, the Book Title, “Enlighten the Lamp of Your Fortune” is very apt for this book. Further we also find that the book talks about finding the ways of bringing our dreams into reality and live the life of our desire, which I certainly believe is something that interests the readers therefore, it’s a Must Read book, according to me in order to realize one’s own potential. Happy Reading


Author Name:  Dinesh Sahay
Book Title: Enlighten The Lamp of Your Fortune
Publisher: Notion Press (2018)
Review By:  Neel Preet at Criticspace

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