“God helps the ones, who helps themselves; Never depend upon anyone else for your happiness!”

This Personal Development and Self-Help Book, “BALANCE YOUR EMOTIONS AND BE YOUR OWN COACH” by Author Pratibha Tiwari is written with the aim of changing the readers’ life by teaching them about Self-Discovery and the Value of Human Emotions. Much emphasis is laid on balancing the emotions, which can help a person to grow, achieve success, attain inner-peace & satisfaction in life, fulfil goals, learn the art of mastering the mind, learn the philosophy of self-love and make a successful transformation in life in all the desired aspects. Since, every human being is driven by some or the other kind of emotions, its nothing else other than the various sets of emotions, which plays a pivotal role in the success or failure of a human!

About the Author: Pratibha Tiwari is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life and Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, Career Counsellor and Healer. She did her Masters in Computer Application followed by an M. Phil and has professional industrial and institutional experience. She is the mom of two teenage boys and settled in Abu Dhabi with her lovely family. A firm believer in honesty and high performance, Pratibha enjoys spreading positivity and happiness around. She believes effective coaching leads to a positive change, making one’s life more ‘successful and happy’.

The target of this book is to elucidate the importance of various emotions and their ever-elusive balance, which the Author has done in an extraordinary and remarkable manner! The Author believes that we are tuned to channelize our state of mind through a plethora of emotions that are an integral part of our being. We all have different emotions wired with our neurons; these emotions work as a lubricant that helps our body and mind work in smooth harmony.

In this book, there are 12 Constructive and Reading Worthy Chapters and they throw light upon the various kinds of human emotions, which every person encounters almost every day in their life. This book is constructed in such a marvellous manner that reading and understanding the Author’s Theories becomes really easy for the Readers; The answer to questions like why do we feel the emotions like love, sadness, disgust, guilt, fear, contempt, anger, surprise, joy
is thoroughly explained by the Author in this book! Also, the manner in which the Author has classified the various human emotions is really remarkable, one need to understand one’s own emotional pattern in order to maintain balance and harmony in life. Hence, the readers can find some really helpful and practical tips to lead a frictionless life with maximum efficiency.

One will find that in this book, the Author very frankly talks about topics and issues, which are often either neglected or not taken very seriously the people and yet those issues plays major role in shaping up the habits and building up the character of a human being. According to the Author, if the reader follows the teachings of this book in the manner, which is aimed and expected then the Readers could not only function with ease in their routine life but also can pave ways success in every realm of life by solving some Real Hurdles of their lives which are pulling them down.

In the very 1st Chapter of this book, “Emotions, Feelings, Mind and Body Connection” the Author had beautifully illustrated that how emotions are an integral part of human life. Further the light is also thrown on Human Feelings and the Mind, with the attempt of determining the manners in which we react under the influence of different emotions and feelings. A lot has been talked about the belief which a human mind develops through the course learnings, experiences and observations that triggers the actions of person. Human mind-set is developed by the beliefs and values, which an individual embrace. Moreover, the scientific approach of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is also explained by the Author for the purpose of teaching the art of gaining control over one’s mind and body by the processing thoughts, actions and feelings.

The Author has much appropriately justified the Book Title, as the book not only talks about the Human Emotions and Feelings but also focuses on the importance of maintaining the Harmony and Balance in one’s life and the ways of controlling our own mind in order to guide the own actions and act as our own coach. It is expected to provide the readers with an improved daily life quality, abundance with their relationships, happiness, peace, success in carrier and a fulfilled life!

Most definitely this book is a Must Pick one, as the book urges you to take the right steps towards a successful life. Highlight has been made upon finding balance in life, which undoubtedly we all are seeking and to take the control of our life by becoming our own coach, this book has made it easier to find the ways of doing so and consists of all the right mix for the readers. Happy Reading!


Author Name:  Pratibha Tiwari
Book Title:  Balance Your Emotions And Be Your Own 
Publisher: Notion Press (2019)
Review By:  Neel Preet at Criticspace

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