If you see, then nothing is permanent in life, we really can’t lean on anything completely with a free and a carefree approach. But life goes on with all these uncertainties and that’s not just the reality of life, but also the beauty of life!


This book, Chennai to Chicago – Memoir of a Software Engineer by Author Sriram Ramakrishnan is a well written intricate tale, which could easily have been any person’s life. This book talks about the cultural difference between the India and America and makes you wonder about those differences too.


About the Author: The Author, Sriram Ramakrishnan is a software engineer hailing from Chennai. This book is a story about his life right from his school to his job till the point of the spiritual awakening in his life, the way different phases of his life where he talks about his experience of life, what it is used to be in the early 1990’s, the movies, the technologies in those days and most importantly, the difference and similarities between India and America!


Introduction: The book, CHENNAI TO CHICAGO – Memoir of a Software Engineer is a memoir which reflects Author’s aspirations, dreams and life; His journey across nations and his journey within himself. From a puppy lover in 11th standard, to tasting the first betrayal in my life, to a beautiful engineering college world that gave lot of friends, to a hell of a time in my first job, to traveling around the world, doing Masters and living an American dream, going through several ups and downs, travels and spiritual awakenings this book simply turns out to be wonderful.


The readers are bound to experience giggles, laughs, tears and goosebumps while reading this book! 


Plot: Well in this book, “Chennai to Chicago – Memoir of a Software Engineer” the Real Life Account of happenings of the Author’s life is mentioned. The Author who turns out to be Software engineering and works at different organizations in different countries. Each and every detail regarding how he managed to study and what happened in his life when he decided to return to India is written. There is an incident which happens with him and he wants to claim insurance and that incident is also written in detailed manner. After Returning to India, how he started meditating and how his spiritual learnings began is also mentioned in the Book. There are few lessons to be learnt from the book.


This book is a real life personal experience based like travel memoir, in which the author had penned down everything in a very simple and intriguing way. It holds his experience while going to the America for the purpose of higher studies where he learnt a lot of things he was unaware about!


Readers’ Connect: In this brilliant literary travel memoir Chennai To Chicago, the readers would be impressed with the different view of the Author towards the life, he believes in exploring his inner self rather than silently following the crowd. This book reflects the different life of Sriram as a software engineer. A life that starts with a kiss and ends with hiss. From the dream of studying in the United States of America to a soul searching journey, with many ups and downs like being settled in the atmosphere of the United States. This book tells the beauty of the west and India. Ordinary people with extraordinary talents. Reality of the top-notch IT companies and the benefits of a software engineer.


Readers would love the story of this a simple boy, from a middle class South Indian family who got struck with the software engineer, American dream like many in the 1990’s and how his life turned manifold experiencing various ups & down, till he attained the true meaning of life.


Title: The title of this book, “Chennai to Chicago – Memoir of a Software Engineer” is certainly a catchy one and the title itself reveals a lot about this travel book, which makes the book even more interesting, as the title itself compels you to pick up this book for a read. Moreover, it’s a very apt title for this literary travel novel and the Author had been extremely wise to go for this title.


The book cover, also deserves a special mention as it truly reflects the Author’s wonderful journey, which is mention in the book!


Verdict: A Book like Chennai to Chicago is undoubtedly a Must-Read one and deserves a chance. The way Author has kept the style simple & well-paced with interesting twists and turn, holding reader’s attention. The journey of the Author feels like the journey of someone close from our lives. The interesting aspects of cultural difference between India and America, the movies and life styles of the early 1990’s and the technologies prevailing at that phase of time is indeed very well depicted. The book should be an interesting read to all age groups.


This book is bound to make the readers hooked from the very beginning and it would not be easy to put down this 194 Pages long travel and tourism genre book. Truly, the Author has done a tremendous job in this book!

 Author Name:  Sriram Ramakrishnan
Book Title:  Chennai To Chicago – Memoir Of A Software Engineer
Publisher:  Notion Press (2020)
Paperback: 194 pages  
Review by:  Neelpreet at Criticpsace Journa

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