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“In the ancient history, there are some larger than life events, which are not easy to explain and that is the reason why some people choose to call those events as mythological stories!”

This remarkable book, “Balan & Dheera: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” by Author Mayank Mahajan is actually the sequel of the first volume, i.e. “Balan and Dheera: A Tale of Kaliyuga.” Well, the second volume of this series, answers some more unanswered questions and take the readers some a conclusive point. The book is written beautifully and the way author has narrated the several events in this book is truly incredible and praise worthy.

Author’s Background: The Author, Mayank Mahajan is an entrepreneur, with an innate affinity for creative fantasies. He is a fictional novel writer, and ‘Balan & Dheera – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is his second book. The previous one, ‘Balan & Dheera – A Tale of Kaliyuga’ was published by Authorspress in 2020, and was well received with some excellent reviews from the readers and press. He has been weaving short stories and poetry from a young age. Although many things in life went differently from what he had desired, the passion for creative thinking and writing never faded.

Having been brought up with a wealth of cultural values, the Author has had many spiritual experiences of his own that have shaped the ideals he believes in. His writing provokes the readers to look hard at the world around them, and introspect themselves in terms of the existential laws of the Cosmos. With a unique writing style, which blends the thrill of a modern day sci-fi mystery into the enigma of the ancient Hindu Knowledge, his work will tickle the imagination of avid readers of all fantasy genres.

Book’s Introduction: The book, “Balan & Dheera: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” by Author Mayank Mahajan comes under the category of “Religion & Mythology” and this book portrays the importance of religious belief in a person’s life. In the prequel, “Balan & Dheera: A Tale of Kaliyuga”, the world is inflicted upon by the horrors of the demonic being – Raktabija. After suffering an unimaginable ordeal, that caused the collapse of society, the human race survives its doom because of the appearance of humanity’s eternal saviour, Lord Shiva, in the form of Dheera. While in this instalment of “Balan & Dheera: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, the world finally has started to regain balance after the catastrophic events brought upon by Balan!

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As we move ahead, the book tells the readers that how the spirit of harmony gets echoed through the streets of the world, leaving Baij Nath with the belief that the human race would someday be finally unified. However, lurking in the shadows, a sinister mind, using obscure knowledge salvaged from Balan’s incident, has silently set the next chain of destructive events into motion. Unaware of the severity of what lies ahead, the saviour Dheera was asked to return to the Land of the Devas, only to learn that the current situation bore much graver consequences. With the fate of all of human creation at stake, the preparations are made for the fight for humanity’s survival.

Readers’ Connect: The beauty of this title, Balan & Dheera: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is that the Author has discussed the significance of the ancient mythological events, in a manner that is extremely interesting for the modern readers. The book is very well crafted and is reflecting a high order of devotion towards Lord Shiva in the form of Dheera. The book presents the readers with some of the greatest tales of the ancient mythology, which will kindle their interest.

Another very important aspect of this book is that the narration made by the Author is indeed engrossing & interesting and the language used in this book is so lucid, that it would totally hook the readers until the very last page. Moreover, this is a book, which will make the readers think about the plot for several times, even after completing the book!

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Book’s Verdict: Well, a book like ‘Balan & Dheera: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is for sure a Must Read one & deserves a chance! The way author had penned down these marvellous tales and had highlighted the prime characters in his stories is undoubtedly fabulous. You seriously do not get to read a book like this every day, as these kinds of Novels hits the market only once in a while and Author truly deserves appreciation for his hard work and out of the box thinking. Moreover, if you are one of those readers, who is looking forward to read a worthy “Mythological Plot” then this book is probably the most perfect fit for you. Author, Mayank Mahajanis a promising Author, who is very honest with his writings, which can be felt in his spectacular stories. Readers across the nation will love this book!

Book: Balan And Dheera: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
Author: Mayank Mahajan
Publisher: Authorspress (2021)
Total Pages: 300
Reviewed By: Neel Preet at Criticspace journal

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