Book Reading is for sure one of the best habit that a person can inculcate and undoubtedly, there are several benefits of book reading. Moreover, as avid readers, many of you might be have a huge collection of books and still you would be looking to looking to add a whole lot many books in your collection. Well, this is very much normal and obvious too, when you are such a dedicated book reader!

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However, even with this productive habit of book reading, often a debate arises! One can often spend hours debating the comparison of E-Books and Printed Books. Nevertheless, as we march towards a highly digital age, it is imperative for everyone to keep up with the times. As more people start buying interest in technology, the number of readers, reading Printed Books (Paperbacks as well as Hardcovers) is going down almost every day.

Well, an eBook or electronic book is actually a book in electronic format, which can be downloaded/ installed to a computer, PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other kind of reading device and is read on the screen. It can have numbered pages, table of contents, pictures and graphics, exactly like a printed book.

In addition, the modern day Publishing Houses are also one such industry that has entered the Digital Zone to make the ‘Art of Reading’ further more convenient for book lovers. Hence, there are several benefits of Electronic Books, which is why in the current day era, the academic institutions and organizations are providing concrete data through the E-Books to their end term users or consumers.

So, let us understand the major ‘Benefits of E-Books’ and have a better understanding of this whole matter –

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1) Vast Array of Online Books: The most intriguing quality of e-books is they are portable. This means you can carry them anywhere without worrying about them getting lost. You will be surprised to know, a single Electronic Book can carry thousands of E-Books inside it. Just imagine if you had to lift 100 books at one time, how difficult life would have been. This way, one does not have to worry about the storage limit. Students are at the receiving end of the benefit, as they don’t have to carry multiple books at the same time.

2) Easy Updates: What happens when your teacher tells you to switch to an updated version of the old novel? You spend money and buy a new book from the market, right? With e-books, the case is opposite, and all you need to do is to click the update button to get the latest version of a book. Authors and publishers can easily update e-books within seconds without having to worry about contacting a publishing agency to propose changes.

3) Money and Time Saving: The ethos behind initiating the concept of e-books was to save time and money. One of the most coherent benefits of using e-books is, they save a lot of time and money. Gone are the days when students would spend hundreds of dollars on buying novels from bookstores. Furthermore, they also had to travel from one town to the other to get the required content. Today, with e-books in their pockets, everything is accessible to them within seconds.

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4) Easy on the Eyes: Another intriguing benefit of reading through electronic devices is that, one can easily adjust screen brightness according to the comfort level of the eyes. Most e-readers have a dark feature that does not cause eyestrain. One of the biggest problems of e-books is that, students have access to all kinds of content online. This is why it is important for parents to keep an eye on what they are reading. Just as ‘MSPY Parental Control App’ helps parents in tracking the location of their kids, there are apps that help them in updating the privacy settings of e-books.

5) Shareable Content: Unlike published books, one can share e-books with multiple readers at the same time. If you don’t know, there is a social feature on e-books, which allows you to share the content with all users around. You might give a published book to a single friend, but an e-book can be given to a lot of people at once. E-books have allowed students and peers to collaborate with their managers and teachers in real time.


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