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Hello author, on behalf of all the readers, we would like to discuss something about you and of course, your book as well.  This conversation will help reader to know more about you and your debut book. Please give answers in brief.

Most welcome to Criticspace Journals, Author. We heartily congratulate you for being a published author. It’s really a great achievement. First thing, we would like to know about your basic info as a person, daily life, career so far and anything you would like to share about you with your readers.

Your Answer:  Name: Ajay K Morya (Author, Motivator, Poet)

Residence: Ghaziabad Hapur Uttar Pradesh India. Being in the service of humanity is my moto. Basically I am a business entrepreneur and with this I also work for social issues like; Women Empowerment, Child Labour, Child abuse and Educational aspects. I try to make people aware about their duties and rights. I believe that a person should have a clear vision for its life. There are a lot of differences in our society in the name of caste, religion, language, colour and gender. We can stop any difference by only making people aware about their social, physical and mental understanding around them. I believe in a positive change first in self and then to well-known persons. After all we all need peace and happiness at the end of every day. Nothing matters above our inner peace and harmony to the thoughts we produce and actions we make.

That’s really great; please tell us something about your journey of becoming an author. When you actually started writing and how was the circumstance? Did any person or situation influenced you to write your debut book or was it your childhood hobby of writing?

Your Answer: I was never a writer. It was a co-incident that in my middle schools I put my first some lines rhyming to the class and teachers. It was appreciated. I did not believe to be an author. After my graduation for Education I started working to the needy people especially in educational areas. My efforts in the society were being appreciated. Then I took decision to contribute whatever I could do. It had gone needed on a large scale and I had no resources. I started giving people some awareness programs so that they could understand the values.

Later on I thought to write my thoughts what I really used to do with the people or groups to make them aware about various aspects of their lives. I was a teacher also at that time after my graduation.

Miss. Reshma who is the co-writer of the book made me believe that I could write well. Some of my students also did the same. Finally it was a great day when I got my debut book ‘KYONKI AAP MERI HADNWRITING MEIN NAHIN LIKH SAKTE HAIN’ which is titled a best seller book on Amazon. The publication house Evincepub Publication also helped me so much to write well.

Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly? Be descriptive please so that our visitors know about you little more.

Your Answer: Yes, in the beginning no one is master of his work. A person should try to write whatever he thinks about him/her or about an individual or about anything. It can’t be possible that a person is not having a strong feeling about anything in this world or about his/her life. I believe that everyone is full of emotions. These emotions can be in special way or for a special reason. If a person is living in this world he/she has something special in him/her. We only have to recognize ourselves and start working on that.

I the beginning the picture will not be clear. But as the work goes on it makes you learn about what to do or not to do. I strongly believe that after having started your work there are a lot of persons and situation ready to help and guide you. You choose them carefully and go on.

I would like to give an important suggestion and that is IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO RECOGNISE YOU THEN PEOPLE WILL DO SO ABOUT YOU. And people will not recognise what you are but what they want to see in you.

You are the king of your oun kingdom available only when you try to become a king. If you want to have a kingdom then recognise yourself and declare that I m a king. Miracles will happen and you will be owner of your kingdom.

How do you come up with the titles to your books?

Your Answer: The title of the book ‘Kyonki Aap Meri Handwriting Mein Nahi Likh Sakte Hain!’ has a meaning which declares that every person is unique and no-one can copy anyone. As we cannot write in anyone’s handwriting we only can copy. Everyone is special with special life style, life goals, and life values. One can make it up and try look like anyone else but cannot become originally to what he/she tries to become like.  Be original and work originally. Understanding that you are you only.  This is the key idea behind the title of the book.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

Your Answer:  Here is: BELIEVE in you.  LEARN when your beliefs become weak from various sources. PUT those beliefs in your writings. CHECK it again. It’s time to IMPROVE to a certain level.

And, rest other things are not elements that are tools to write as Good Vocabulary, Proper Grammar Knowledge, Excellent Plot, Relatively Developed Characters, Centralised Story, Targeted Audience Based Concept, Time Influencing Approach  and Appropriate Content etc.

What comes first, the plot or characters? How do you develop your plot and characters?

Your Answer: There is central idea of any writings. And the plot is always based on the central idea of the writing. So plot always comes first.  Central Idea is the key to develop the plot. The central idea is kept in mind to develop a plot. Limitations are decided. Ups and Downs are checked for the writings. The idea between virtually developed concept and the reality are put together. On the basis of the nature of your writings characters are made. The main key here to keep in mind is plot. Dialogues are the other aspect to keep in mind while developing any character.     

Are you on social media and can your readers interact with you?

Your Answer: Yes. On Facebook, Instagram, Website and Whatsapp

Please tell the reader something about your book. What is your message to those readers who have still not read the book. Why they should pick it up for reading?

Your Answer:  ‘A MILLION IS IN YOU’ is the key formula of this book. Everyone wishes for a happy and peaceful life. A life where you smile for everything around you and keep an optimistic attitude for what you want. This is the ultimate meaning for success. This book helps you to get your success aimed for own scale. This book makes you believe that your success is in your hand.

What do you think for your life? How the things are going on? Who are the people around you? What are the factors around you making a big change in your life and you don’t know about them? How the things are connected to you? And, there are many more questions like this. At certain you are going to make a good understanding about these questions with the help of this book.  It is in believe that you are going to read an interesting book of successful thoughts.

And yes, the most important thing we would like to hear from you is what is your message to those new writers who have not yet started their journey of becoming an author? You have been their source of motivation, please convey your thoughts with them.

 Your Answer: Just believe, believe and believe in you. The success of getting ahead is getting started. Start your journey. Never try to become accurate first as most of the people do so. An obsession of accuracy makes you paralysed. You are you and no one is there like you. Just hold your pen in your hand and write the thoughts running in your mind. After doing this you may not find that writing interesting at all. But, remember that there is no meaning of any success without failure. If at first you become fail the world will laugh at you but you congratulate yourself as you have passed the first step towards success. Yes it really works. Just go on. Never, never, never give up.  And, one day the day will come when the world will congratulate you. This is the winner attitude. You keep it in you.  You need not to win this world at all but YOU ONLY.


Would you rather

Would you rather be in a room full of snakes or a room full of spiders?

Your Answer: Full of Spiders.

Would you rather have an endless summer or an endless winter?

Your Answer:  I would love to have both but if there to choose only one then I prefer AN ENDLESS WINTER.

Would you rather have constant nagging pain or a constant itch?

Your Answer:   Ha ha ha ! intresting !

No for both. But for a compulsion ‘constant nagging pain’.

Would you rather always be an hour early or be constantly twenty minutes late?

Your Answer:  I always be on time. If late then for ten minutes maximum.

Would you rather live in a haunted mansion or live in a un-haunted cottage?

Your Answer:  Un-haunted Cottage.


Either Or

Tea or coffee

Your Answer: Coffee.

Hot or cold

Your Answer: Hot.

Movie or book

Your Answer: Movie.

Coke or Pepsi

Your Answer: Pepsi.

Morning person or Night owl

Your Answer: Night owl.

Social Media or book           

Your Answer: Book.

Paperback or ebook

Your Answer: Paperback.


All the best for your future and this book too! Thanks for answering my questions.

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