1. Congratulations Dr. Vipin Gupta. Please brief us about your book What Is Self-Awareness.

Self-awareness is the awareness that we ourselves are the causal body for our destiny as an organization.   Unlike the widely-held belief, our destiny is not something in the future.  It is the discordant energy we experience every moment of our life. We become a discordant entity who does not enjoy life and live each moment of life purposefully.  We get lost groping in dark.  Or we, get entangled and busy with things we believe help us actualize ourselves, yet we end up with a sense of loss rather than fulfilment when we are done with all that.   We make our future dependent on a transcendental power, instead of scripting our future with our hands with the gifts Mother Nature has endowed to us as her beloved child. 

The book What is Self-Awareness takes us through the three stages by which we lose awareness of the self.   First, the law of attraction using the path of devotion.  We are attracted to an ideal we wish to enjoy as our reality using our positive imagination.    As the saying goes, if you devotionally wish for something, then the entire creation works to bring that wish to fruition.   Thus, you become the Wisher, the devil, without any energy to fulfil the wish, because all you really wished was to enjoy the imagined illusion.  

Second, the law of limitation using the path of knowing.  We qualify our actions with the knowing we develop through our positive imagination.   Our knowing begins limiting our potential, because our positive imagination is conditioned by our consciousness of our reality.   We conceive our reality to be deficient and that is why we wish to change the person we are by enjoying and consuming like our ideal person.  Therefore, our actions become diffused in diverse directions, limiting the profiting we realize through our performing. 

Third, the law of repulsion using the path of action.   Our actions are oriented toward repelling our wishes to others, so that they become devoted to fulfilling our wishes and make us the leader.  Instead of fulfilling our wishes, most of us live our life fulfilling the wishes of others.  After that, we expect the others fulfil our wish.   When the others fulfil our wishes, we decide to just enjoy as a conscious entity (Shiva), conscious that everyone has become our devotee.   Eventually, everyone decides to wish that others fulfil their wishes, leading to inertia and entropy.

Consequently, we see a circulating reality, where those living fulfil the wishes diffused by those who have departed, thus making those departed a “God” (Ishvara) and taking those passionately and religiously teaching us the value of those wishes as the “creator deity” (Bhagwan).  We feel blessed to carry out the work of God and conceive ourselves as the deity (Deva) doing it using scientific method and supra-deity (Devi) teaching others how to follow the common wisdom we impart as a guru.  We make ourselves a star of attraction, the super deity (Jiva) that actually works like a destroyer factor (Mahesha).   We become the transcendental value that destroys the potential immanent within each child.  

  • As this is your 7th book in this project, how is the response you are getting?

There is a growing interest in knowing self among everyone due to the pandemic.   People are realizing that the only people who have benefitted from the pandemic are the super-rich, whose wealth has multiplied during the pandemic as everyone is relying on digital channels and commerce controlled by the super-rich and powerful.  For the super-rich, everyone else who is becoming poorer and poorer has become a God.   Only when everyone else decides to patronize the resources that super-rich have, the super-rich fulfil their wish.  Without any resources, everyone else has little future and so has a lot of interest in new knowledge that fosters awareness about one’s true potential and how those resources are created in the universe in the first place.   Similarly, with all the resources at their hand, the super-rich also have nothing else to do, because there is only so much wealth they can acquire through formalization and organization of the informal channels.   Thus, they also have a lot of interest in knowing how to work on themselves, since there is little benefit from working on others who have virtually zero resources.   Therefore, I am grateful to Mother Nature that she is making a lot of time available for each of her child to begin developing self-awareness.   I am grateful that she inspired me to offer a solution to something that is becoming a problem everyone is seeking to solve in the aftermath of pandemic. 

  • What is the significance of making such a huge project?

The significance of making a huge project is to help everyone become aware that the challenges we have created are huge.   We have created these challenges by diffusing a culture where we idealize those who create jobs for others in exchange for big rewards while living, those who work selflessly for others for big rewards after their departure, and those who teach others the value of devoting themselves to the service of others without validating the value of that social service. 

Helping others is indeed the key to our essential nature.    After all, Mother Nature is selflessly working to offer disproportionate rewards for each of her children.    However, when we help others we become the ideal for the others.   Therefore, it is imperative for us to develop self-awareness about what happens if everyone reproduces our organizational planning as their wisdom.   If the job creator is worth more than the job doer, then why would anyone be a job doer.  And, if you are making others the job doer, then should you as the job creator who is reducing the value of others be celebrated?   Or you really doing a social service by making others less than who you wish to be?  If we all first focus on our development and helping others develop by mastering the path that led to our development, then we will let each child be a billionaire in a very short period.   It is only because we wish to be God, we wish that we be the billionaire while others should have no such ambition, so that we can generate huge increasing returns.  

  • Who do you think will be most benefitted from your book?

Everyone who wishes to develop self-awareness of the gifts Mother Nature has given to them!

  • What is Self-Awareness in the simplest term?

Self-awareness is the awareness that we are the causal body of our past, present, and future.

  • As you have authored so many academic books, what do you suggest to the new breed of writers in the market?

The new breed of writers in the market is one who is not afraid of challenging the modern science or the ancient wisdom.   One who is conscious of the grand challenges we are facing today and how both scientists and wisdom gurus have failed to guide solutions to those problems.  All they excel in is criticizing the actions that are being done.   In that case, if they really care, they should become the teachers.   And, if they can’t solve the problem as the teachers as well, they should develop awareness of the limitations of what they are teaching and begin focusing on original discoveries – not the discoveries that ride on the polluted shoulders of the giants.   We have become the causal body for our problems because we personify with the giants and their solutions, even though those solutions are meant to enrich the giants and make us the dwarfs we have become in the face of the challenges we face today.

  • You seem to be a thorough critic of blind faith in science. Any specific reason for that?

The science is not what it is made out to be.   The science is a series of hypothetical conjectures, theories, and ideas, that circulate over time.    At one time, science said that something scientific must be deterministic and has no scope of error or variation.  It is pure.  For instance, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Now, science says something scientific must be probabilistic and has no scope for precision.  Else it is not pure.  For instance, some actions have direct and disproportionate reaction, such as ones that make rich richer and poor poorer.  Other actions have mediated but absolute reaction.  Super rich realize they can’t become any richer and therefore react by beginning to spend luxuriously to the point of becoming poor.  

Now, which science you will like to have blind faith in?  The one that makes the rich richer and you poorer?   That is what is happening through the pandemic when everybody has been following what the scientists are saying, since they have nothing else to do sitting at homes social distancing.  It only makes the scientists as the producers of science richer.  Everyone else who is the consumer of science must compensate the elites for their ideas and becomes poorer.  We are the makers of the poverty, depression, pollution we face today, because we decided to follow the wisdom that said follow what science of the day is saying.   And, we know science changes every day.  That is why we have new books on science on the same subject and new textbooks being written.  No science textbook is available at just the cost of printing, as it would be had the science remained same.

  • What kind of changes do you think this project can bring into your readers’ life?

This project will help each reader become self-aware and take their mood, destiny, divinity, and eternity in their hands.

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