Arjun Kacper is well-known for his Foreign Novels. His Debutant Novel “Deadliest Secret of Truth-2016” was applauded for being a brilliant story world-wide. He mastered in Psychotherapy & Counseling from India. He’s passionate and fond of literature & writing. He has an urge to thrill his readers with the Psychological Murder Mystery Thrillers. He’s back with his second thriller novel “A FALSE ALARM”- A story of unanswered questions! 

Criticspace: First of all, congratulations on the publication of your book, “A false Alarm”. How has the reception of the book been?

Arjun Kacper:  Hello, thanks for the interview with one of the finest publication house “Evincepub Publications” & thanks to the “Vikram Thakur” for believing the content of the plot and decided to publish my second book.  After my triumph with my first debut novel “Deadliest Secret of Truth” after a long gap, I made a come back with a powerful subject which is “A false alarm”.

Criticspace: How did the title “A False Alarm” come to you?

Arjun Kacper: Readers say Arjun Kacper is well-known for the unique titles I choose to eye-catch the reader’s attention as like of my first book.  I always think the title first and make my plot ready to suit it to the story I choose.

Criticspace: How did you come up with the idea of writing on the critical subject of human trafficking?

Arjun Kacper: I’ve read many books and many contents include social elements, but nowadays authors focused on the creativity on the ideas they have and some of their life experiences, but very few books which are available to go with the strong message-oriented and some incidents which were not known to many individuals. So, as an author, I penned down this reality-based fiction novel which makes every reader thinks about the lives surviving in every corner of the world.

Criticspace: How difficult was it to create and design two distinct and different female characters and giving the plot majorly in their hands?

Arjun Kacper: It wasn’t difficult for me to create the characters as the plot is serious to the story and to make that look real I’ve portrayed the two main characters which were the pillars to the whole secret.  I’ve written this keeping in mind as it would be a women-oriented subject in the real world and the real pain suffering.

Criticspace: You gave the ultimate and least expected twist in the very last words of the novel. Did you have that in mind from the beginning or it came later?

Arjun Kacper: I’ve already created the suspense which would make the readers much more complex to the plot so that they can concentrate on the subject rather than the fiction world where every novel involves.

Criticspace: Please share a little about your previous written works.

Arjun Kacper: As I from the psychotherapy & counseling background, It was easy for me to put up the story in different strings to pull up the reader’s attention, it already proved with my first novel “Deadliest secret of truth” novel which was globally applauded for the brilliant story.

Criticspace: Are there any authors who may your favorite or who you enjoy reading or any specific work you enjoy reading?

Arjun Kacper: I mainly focus on the thriller mystery novels which have a deep impact on the social or psychological issue highlighted. I enjoy reading them at the core.

Criticspace: There is a lot of artistic talent in your writing. Please share a little about your future projects.

Arjun Kacper: Creativity is one of the biggest art in writings or the screen play writing in movies which takes a lot of courage for them to broadcast their thoughts into a life where every audience or the readers have to feel it. After a long gap, I’ve made my second novel “A False Alarm”. but this time I promise to my readers where I would release my books frequently, this year planning to release another thriller story ‘’ gifted prison’’ which also has a strong hard-hitting message.

Criticspace: When it comes to fiction writing, how far do you think the present-day writing has come in comparison to the past time?

Arjun Kacper: Today generation has changed with writings and provided a long time opportunities to the authors and many publications have set up their standard in helping the upcoming authors for self-publishing which is a good sign of literature still in demand and need many more to prove writing skills.

Criticspace:  What advice would you like to give to budding writers?

Arjun Kacper: I am proud to say that when you have the good content of the story where readers would love you for it. So, I advise the upcoming authors that every story has its own soul to narrate.

Criticspace: Thank you so much for sparing your time and answering the questions. All the best to you.

Arjun Kacper: Thank you Akhila Saroha. 

Book Title: A False Alarm
Author: Arjun Kacper
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Buy Book: Buy on Amazon

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