Criticspace: First of all, congratulations on the publication of your book “Ek Sunhari Raah”. How has the audience responded to the book so far?

Kumar Anupam:  Thank you for your warm wishes. Audience has overwhelmed me with their love. I am getting appreciation on my contact as well as on public forms.


Criticspace: Your poetry collection, “Ek Sunhari Raah” is much more than just about one “Raah”. How would you describe the book for someone who still has to read?

Kumar Anupam:  The book is a buddle of emotions which are carved into Hindi poetry. Though it is a mix of emotions showing up in the writing still it is giving way to move forward with the positive vibes. It talks about and moves around Love, Apathy, Values, Nature and Human relations. All in all, it appeals to be positive, let me summarize it with a couplet –

साँझ के साये को सहर करना है मुझे,

रात को इस तरह बसर करना है मुझे


Criticspace: How far did your own experiences inspire the poems you wrote?

Kumar Anupam:  My own experiences inspired me a lot and those are reflected the same in these poems. My poems came out from the interaction with different people, many revered moments from my life nevertheless a few elated landed on paper during journeys. So mostly these are all related to my own life and experience.


Criticspace: How did you come up with subjects as abstract as “time” to write on in your poems?

Kumar Anupam:  It is the set of moments that enabled and guided me to write on the topic. Such as in Bangalore, when I completed my studies and visited the rented home that we used to live in to say adieu. I started crying after observing a lonely and silent home which use to giggle with laughter and I wrote –

क्या समा था कल का क्या है आज का,

राग है ये वक़्त के उस साज़ का


Criticspace: What are your thoughts about the modern-day inspirational/motivational writing that many authors have started writing on?

Kumar Anupam:  With the time things have started moving from simplicity to complexity. People are in stress and anxiety, families have become more nuclear. At this moment in time, this inspirational style of writing came to rescue. I appreciate the writer to adopt this way of writing and love the spread of positivity.


Criticspace: What is the basic message that you want to convey to the readers through the medium of your poems?

Kumar Anupam:  I would humbly want all the people to live with the values, spread the Love and positivity. Make love the way of living. Stay blessed and stay companionate.


Criticspace: In today’s time, no writer tries to write things as complex as ghazals. What inspired you to write?

Ans. I got introduced and loved reading Hindi literature and poetry. One day I heard a Ghazal by ‘Ek brahaman ne kaha hai ke ye saal achha hai’ by Nida Fazali Sahab. After that, I read lot of his gazals written by him and also by chance read through Diwan-e-Galib. Both Nida Fazli and Galib and their writing impressed me a lot. Apart from this I always liked Hasat Jaipuri Sahab and Shailendra Sahab’s songs. All these events and literature guided me to this way of writing. I cherished writing these Ghazals and reciting to my friends, family and other audience.


Criticspace: How would you describe “Kuch Mukt Pangtiya” to a reader as it is perhaps one of the complex poems you have written?

Kumar Anupam:  I used to feel amazed while reading ‘Dohe’ and a few ‘Huiku’. These are an ocean of might when it comes to conveying a crisp message. Sometime elaboration of an understanding can dissolve the pure purpose, hence these poems were aptly kept short and included in the collection.


Criticspace: Are there any particular authors or books you enjoy reading?

Kumar Anupam:  I love reading all the writing of Shri Munshi Premchandra ji and Nida Fazli Sahab. A story “Duniya ka Sabse Anmol Rattan” from “Soz-e-Wata”, impressed me a lot and the way of writing is nonesuch. I love reading Nida Fazli Sahab on Rekhta and follow a lot more poets on it.


Criticspace: Would you like to give any advice to budding writers?

Ans. Present and share your creativity to the complete world. People are waiting for you. Devote a little time and energy to the skill and capability that God has blessed you with. Open up.


Criticspace: Please tell us about your future projects in writing.

Kumar Anupam:  I am working on a storybook now.  Planning to publish it both in English and Hindi together.


Criticspace: What would you like to say about contemporary writing?

Kumar Anupam: It’s good in a way as contemporary writing is very innovative and open to bring in modern thoughts. There is a good and bad thing as well that these are generally focusing on age segment because of their content. Unlike older literature that is open to all.


Criticspace: Thank you so much for sparing your time and answering the questions. All the best to you.


Kumar Anupam: Thank you. May God bless…!

Book Title: Ek Sunhari Raah
Author: Kumar Anupam ‘Dev’
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Buy Book: Order on Amazon
Interviewed By: Criticspace Journals

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