The book entitled ‘Time: Let’s Value it: Every night we die’ by the author Mukesh Kumar Badgaiyan is a book which contains practicality, philosophy and reality about time and life. The title is enough to tell you about the book that it is in some different genre which is of self-help.

Book cover: In the book cover, a newborn baby’s hand is present in an elder’s hand. It seems like both interpret in their own ways about the value of time.

About The Book: As the title suggests ‘Time: Let’s value it: Every night we die’ and the same thing is in the book too, it tells about the value of time and it tries to help us to understand the value and need of time. So this book acts like a self-help book which helps you to boost your power and confidence to do something good.

Review: This book is of fast paced and short read with 45 pages and it contains 16 different chapters that contain importance about time and it tells about how to live a happy life. As time has an important role in everyone’s life, so it tells about to value the time.

Every chapter contains some unique ideas about to live a happy life. It is not only an easy and short read but also in limited pages. It tells about various things. It is a self-help book which helps you to boost up your confidence. After reading it you will find that you have gained some extra energy. Language is simple and lucid. The narration goes well. I liked the way of writing as well as the book.


Author Name: Mukesh Kumar Badgaiyan
Book Title:  Time: Let’s Value It
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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