Money Lessons on How to Avoid Daily Financial Stress by Anna Liza Naik | Book Review | Evincepub

Money is necessary for every work a person has to do. From being born to the death day, every person has the requirement for money. The worldly pleasures are such that temptations are present at every step of life in every passing day. Since the income is limited for everyone, and wants are much more […]

Book Review | Rhythm Roger – The Secrets of Electon | by Bestselling Author Himanshu Rai | Criticspace Journals

The book, “Rhythm Roger – The Secrets of Electon” by Author Himanshu Rai is indeed a Science Fiction Novel with all the real elements and technicalities of a typical Si-Fi Novel, which certainly made it much intriguing! The book is also unique and highlights the effects of the Virtual World. Also, the book carries some […]