Name: Saurabh Shukla
Birth Place: Kanpur

Question 1: Biographical info?

Author: I am observer of that beautiful world having many diversties. That’s make me sometimes like an observer. You are capable to find in my future projects that who I am……. A TIME TRAVELLER?

Question 2: What encourages you to become an Author?

Author: Well I don’t know how this is started? But yes, my social life friends and family encourage me to write. That’s why I wrote many poems and an interesting novel THE END AGE OF M A S.

 Question 3: Tell us something about your published book. How you started writing and the inspiration behind it?
Author: It’s a thrilling conclusion and a deeply emotional exploration of loss and love, duty and honor, friendship and family having an action thriller (the story is all about the mission against the world wide terror organisation M A S is also known as “MISSRA ATANKI SANGATAHAN” or “MANNAT-A- FATAH AL SHAM” this story is full of drama, love, emotions, science, super powers, suspense, action and adventure. the story expressed the future and the manmade disasters by which the earth will destroy in future.”
Well that was starting in 2016 when my friend Ishant asked me to narrate a story then I started work on it I almost completed twenty or thirty pages and it seems too interesting and after some months I Completed my debut fiction but due world terror activities I changed and insert some new facts and events as need of that story. I hope that people will aware and stand against the terrorism.

 Question 4: What is your current goal in writing career?
Author: Well I’m working for the next part of THE END AGES or The end age of earth.

 Question 5: Achievement So far:
Author: I don’t want to describe it but yaa, I achieve the knowledge of time travel.

 Question 6: What you love to write the most. What is your favourite genre in writing and reading?
Author: I love to write both poems and science fiction novels which are related to worldwide facts.

 Question 7: Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.
Author: yaa of course my next project is the next series THE END AGE OF EARTH and also some poetic works

 Question 8: Many authors and readers will come across this article. What is your message to those readers and authors?
Author: For readers and authors I’ll say one thing try to read and write the facts which is related to society.

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