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The market is full of self-help books. Every self-help book is written with a strong will to help fellow people. Some books are written from one’s own experiences and some with the study they carry out. There are also many books written by professionals that are central to their areas of expertise. But, there are also self-help books that are written on facts and doctrines that proved over a long period of research and study.

This book by author Gautam Mukhopadhyay comes under the well-researched category of self-help books. The book talks about NLP too. I wish this book will be made available to young people and our country’s students in their educational institutions. Many times readers rely on books by foreign authors where the examples may not fit into the practical lifestyle of an Indian. In this connection, Rise To Eminence does the job.

A highly recommended self-help book to sharpen the inner strength to make oneself competitive and creative.

What to expect from the book?
– Expect a very detailed book, that will take days to read and seep in all that extraordinary information into minds and then into lives.

– Expect a book which is more than researched and well-presented.

Expect a book that talks about personality development and the overall development of a person at an individual level and in society.

– Expect a book that stresses more on psychological betterment of an individual.

– Expect a book that hones one’s capabilities and innate virtues.

Who can read?
The book is written in a language that can be easily understood by a beginner level reader. The book can be a great self-help book for young professionals and those people who are on the verge of starting their career again in any field. The book has so much content that is illustrated in detailed. The beginner level readers might find come concepts out of their interest but eventually can understand the intent of writing them.

How good is the Author’s writing style?
The book is written in general English with technical terms that which have enough reference in the book. The book’s contents are divided into seven main sections had each has its own sub-sections, and these are easy to read. Because of the accessible language, readers can instantly connect to the topics in the book. No topic is preachy but in turn very subjective and explanative. Many examples, experiences, colourful illustrations, tables, diagrams, practical tips, worksheets, checklists and implementable tools and techniques are mentioned in the book. All these surely, make the book an interesting and deeply engaging read.

How interesting is the book?
This 291 pages self-help book is an encyclopedia of many topics. For example, the third main section in the book is dedicated to – ‘ Creativity ‘. The connection between Creativity and Self-Efficacy or self-value is very pragmatically explained. The first example quoted in this section – ‘ American Saxo Player, Musician, and composer Charlie Parker ‘ have astonished me. Who could have imagined that an author will pick up an example from the 1940s and explain his dedicated struggle that marked him forever in the world of Jazz music? But this is not what the readers have to read. Parker’s Trumpeter’s experience made his mark, believing in himself, grouped up with many young musicians and hence always aligned himself with the current pulse and updated himself. This one example has waved a path to a great topic.

This is just an example that I have quoted. Some numerous such examples and references make the book interesting.


Final Verdict
A well-researched and a must-have self-book!


Author Name: Gautam Mukhopadhyay
Book Title: Rise To Eminence – Unleash Charisma Of ‘Aha’ Within
Reviewed By: Swapna Peri

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