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The New York Times-bestselling series continues as Admiral ‘Black Jack’ Geary commands the fleet deep into alien space and leads humanity to the galactic stage.

The Lost Fleet: Outlands in an upcoming trilogy of novels being written by John G. Hemry under the pen-name Jack Campbell. The first book in the trilogy was released in June 2021, this trilogy continues the story of Admiral John Geary and picks up where The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier left off.

The Lost Fleet: Outlands begins where Beyond the Frontier: Leviathan left off, with the surviving ships of Alliance First Fleet heading back to Varandal while Dauntless and Mistral head straight to Unity, to deliver to the Alliance Senate the evidence collected at Unity Alternate. After surviving a few assassination attempts Admiral Geary is tasked with taking the First Fleet and a converted passenger ship, the Boundless, carrying a scientific and diplomatic delegation into Dancer space. To do this Geary must contend with traversing systems in the Syndicate Worlds, an empire lashing out while in the midst of collapsing, former syndicate systems that regard the Alliance with suspicion, and a threat from within the Fleet that believe that the Dancers are the greatest threat to humanity that humanity as ever known.


“Jack Campbell” is the pen name of John G. Hemry, a retired naval officer who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis before serving with the surface fleet and in a variety of other assignments. He is the New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Fleet series and The Lost Stars series, as well as the Stark’s War, Paul Sinclair, and Pillars of Reality series. He lives with his indomitable wife and three children in Maryland.

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