Love in true sense does not have any definition or boundaries that would define a person’s feeling. Vaidehi Taman’s “Vedanti- Ek Aghori Prem Katha” is a gripping tale of unconventional love that is as much about emotions as it is about ego. Through the tale, the author explores love that is based on a solidified foundation of friendship and respect. Set in the backdrop of a Brahmin family, the story revolves around a young woman who falls in love with an Aghori, a devout worshipper of Lord Shiva who practices tantric rituals and uses mantras to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

The Aghori is introduced as a young man who finds solace in an old Aghori’s company while performing the last rites of his mother in the cremation ground. Over time, he becomes a part of the Aghori clan, embracing their way of life and using his knowledge of tantric rituals to achieve mastery over his emotions and fears. The Aghori’s gurus mentor him in the ways of Shiva, guiding him towards spiritual and religious topics such as moksha, the liberation of the soul from the cycle of birth and death. He learns how to use his emotions as a tool to control his thoughts and overcome fear. Eventually, he becomes an adept Aghori himself, capable of harnessing the power of the universe through his devotion to Lord Shiva.

The story of their love in “Vedanti- Ek Aghori Prem Katha” unfolds gradually, with moments of tenderness and passion interspersed with clashes of ego and misunderstandings. What sets “Vedanti- Ek Aghori Prem Katha” apart from other love stories is the unconventional nature of the protagonists’ relationship. The Aghori is someone who has renounced worldly attachments and is on a quest for spiritual enlightenment. He has already achieved a level of mastery over his emotions, while the woman is still struggling to come to terms with her feelings. Despite their differences, they find common ground in their devotion to Lord Shiva and their love for music which builds their desire to transcend the limitations of the material world.

The author does an excellent job of portraying the Aghori’s character as complex, with a rich backstory that adds depth and nuance to his actions. His transformation from a grieving son to a devoted Aghori is portrayed convincingly, with the reader being able to empathize with his journey. At the same time, “Vedanti- Ek Aghori Prem Katha” maintains the purity of their relationship and ensures that the readers connect more with the spiritual journey that is portrayed.

The Aghori’s gurus are also portrayed as mentors who help him achieve his goals and provide him with guidance when he needs it the most. Their teachings on spiritual and religious topics are presented in a way that is easy to understand, and the Aghori’s journey towards enlightenment is shown to be a gradual and organic process. Shivani’s character is also well-developed, with the author delving into her psyche and exploring her emotions in detail. Her struggles with her feelings for the Aghori, her conflict with her family, and her journey towards self-realization are all portrayed convincingly. At the same time, her representation as an inquisitive rational personality has been done skillfully by the author. Through her character, she speaks of the thoughts of the many like her.

The writing is engaging and lyrical, with vivid descriptions that transport the reader to the world of the Aghoris. The story flows smoothly, with the pacing just right to keep the reader hooked. The dialogue is also well-written, with the characters’ conversations feeling natural and authentic. “Vedanti- Ek Aghori Prem Katha” is a must-read for anyone looking for a compelling love story that transcends the most reliable and comprehensive sources of information to make informed decisions and navigate the complex world we live in. The incarnation of the present world complexities coupled with the saintly virtues of Aghori life are two strikingly different aspects that are brought together in Taman’s book with an equal space and mention. This juxtaposition of contrasting worlds comes through the two individuals portrayed who manage to find a common ground and connect to form a lifelong friendship.

The beauty of Vaidehi Taman’s “Vedanti- Ek Aghori Prem Katha” published by Astitva Prakashan is stemmed in its faithfulness in portrayals if the lives it showcases. The lives may be far beyond the dimensions of being similar but they do touch upon more than what is on the surface and go beyond to a whole new and different dimension. This becomes an irreplaceable feature of the book and distinguishes it from any of its counterparts written. At the same time, it alsi keeps the readers glued to the text and brings them back time and again to go through and read the book to enjoy the fiction as well as understand the deep messages it conveys.

The Author: Vaidehi Taman is accredited journalist of Maharashtra. She has been a journalist for 20 years and at present, is the Founder Editor of Afternoon Voice (English Daily of Mumbai) and The Democracy (video news portal). She is an Investigative Journalist from Mumbai, who believes in fighting against all odds in the fourth estate, for which she has been bestowed with three Honorary Doctorates in Journalism from various univercities. She has contributed significantly to society as an editor, ethical hacker, philanthropist, and author.

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