Criticsapce: Being a medical sci student, how you developed your interest in poetry?
Pragya Suman: my inclination towards literature is since childhood. I was avid reader and mainly inspired from my father. He always kept his library up to date.

 Criticsapce: Are you wishing to write a novel ahead, on which topic?
Pragya Suman: Yes, I would like to write in several genres off course  novel also. My short stories and reviews have been published in several magazines and journals.

 Criticsapce: Which poetry of yeats have inspired you so much?
Pragya Suman: “The second coming” is my favorite one.

 Criticsapce: What are your passions except writing and how do you fulfill it?
Pragya Suman: I like cooking. I like routine life with gaps at fixed period.

 Criticsapce: Do you think poetry can be an expression for subjectivity things?
Pragya Suman: yes it can be. Infact poetry is divine art and in puritanical way it can be tagged as Incantation.

 Criticsapce: Well, if you are a literature lover then you must have different ideology of judging things, what are your views regarding our corrupted governing system?
Pragya Suman: It is bad but I take it in more practical way. Human failings are since ancient era and they would prevail like other common things. But we should always oppose it.

Criticsapce: Share any favorite poem which you wrote during your medical college days?
Pragya Suman:

I Write Free Verses


I sleep along with my mother

in an open courtyard in warm winter

and I dig a well daily,

in snowy summer

dwelling my ink,

but my nib drinks a bawdy brandy

and my spade gets lost in fumbled  feat,

a sepulchre, in my refill

I drop an ice cube.

Bleak of Arctic ocean comes

like glow compression of cubes,

bringing circle of rhymes

In halves of  hearth and  snow

cracking steals away my stanza.

I write  free verses,

flows like a fresh freshet


A Beethoven,

would dip in it!

One day!

Criticsapce: What was your first poem and when and why did u write it?
Pragya Suman: My first poem was on “Strength”. It was inspired from my initial struggling days.

 Criticsapce: As writing manages stress too, being a doctor what tips can you give for stress management?
Pragya Suman: Take life in relax way. Proper time management is important.

Criticsapce: How was your publishing journey?
Pragya Suman: It is very nice to get your book publish and see your words in printed form.

Author Name: Pragya Suman
Book Title: Lost Mother
Interviewer: Criticspase
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Order On:  

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