Akhila Saroha: I would like to begin by congratulating you on the publication of “ONE within…” How has the response to the book been so far?
Bobby George: Thank you so much, Akhila. The readers’ response has been overwhelming for a first-time author, with no prior reader base. I have a long way to go, but I am here, I guess.

Akhila Saroha: The book features situations close to life in a delicate manner. What led to the idea of writing “ONE within…”?
Bobby George: Life with its many shades has always fascinated me. To sit down and put it in a story form took its own time. The desire to write was always there, but for one reason or the other, I could never come round to it. Then again, despite completion, it remained forgotten for another five years until its publication in 2020. 

Akhila Saroha: How easy or difficult was it for you to create a plot as a work of fiction and also keep it close to life? 
Bobby George: Well, to be honest, I never sketched a plot. Whatever I wrote was spontaneous and came naturally to the ‘Writer’ in me. Therefore, the feel and the flavour in the narrative are palpable and closish to life. Even the characters appear whenever and wherever they had to, according to the need of the storyline and not forced in. I employed no plot outlining or a set frame for my narrative.  

Akhila Saroha: What are your views about present-day writing? Do you think it does complete justice to the different classes and social groups of the society?
Bobby George: I think Akhila, your question has a bigger perspective, to responding to that in the context of fiction writings. I would say that many young authors are coming up with the increasing ease of publishing; I think that is an excellent sign.
There are some fantastic authors out there. Yet, sometimes I feel, more are inclined towards the commercial viability of their efforts rather than the literary/social aspect of their work. As contemporary conscientious writers, we too need to shoulder the onus of social justice through our work. I think fiction writers can show different worlds and discourse of ideas. Our work can evince that things can be, perhaps, better. For most of us, it hasn’t even crossed our mind that there is social, class, gender, injustice. Reading awakens a questioning mind, and a questioning mind is more useful to society than nonchalant approach. We could make more and more people stop accepting social injustice as the status quo.

Akhila Saroha: Are there any authors that you enjoy reading or any books which are your favourites?
Bobby George: Being an avid reader, I enjoy many authors from various genres. My liking depends on the mood and the need of the ‘Reader’ in me at any point in time. You may find it strange that I read multiple books at a time. Switching between them with the changing mood. It is just that the more interesting ones get to the finishing line faster.  

Akhila Saroha: Your writing has given a very strong introduction of your potential as a writer. Can the readers expect more from you in the future? Please share about your future projects.
Bobby George: Thank you so much! And yes, there is another novel coming up in December 2020. It is in its final stages. And then, there is a collection of short stories from across genres. Perhaps early next year should see its release. Readers can visit my BlogSpot – bobbygeorge.in for latest updates on my upcoming works and many more interesting reads.

Akhila Saroha: What is the story behind the title of your work, “ONE within”?
Bobby George: You asked me early on how difficult it was for me to create a plot and weave a full-length story around it. Trust me. It was not at all difficult for me. In fact, I enjoyed writing it. But to select a title that suited the entire story as the summation of the theme had me sweating. My publisher can vouch that it was only a day before my final manuscript went for printing that I decided on ONE within…. It is the heart and the theme of my story. In whichever context, you look at it. I mean romantic or the inner conflict. 

Akhila Saroha: What advice would you like to give to the growing writers on the basis of your experience in writing?
Bobby George: I think reading is the first step towards writing as I have mentioned in one of my articles. My only advice, to them, would be to read more and more, preferably from across genres, and to alongside work on their linguistics. It is the tool (I have mentioned somewhere.), that every aspiring writer must possess. Once you have it, you can carve out a masterpiece with any simple, raw plot. Moreover, as a writer, it is our responsibility to take each reader to where we want them to be in our stories. And to achieve that, we need to keep refining our craft.

Akhila Saroha: Are there any personalities whose writings have inspired you? Can you name them?
Bobby George: Since I am a ‘reader’ who reads across genres. I have read very many outstanding personalities in every segment. It would only be unfair on my part to name one or two. Each with their individuality has left indelible imprints on me over the years.

Akhila Saroha: If you were to describe your book in a few words without giving any spoilers, what would those words be? 
Bobby George: Romance is an expression in ONE within…, not just a composite of words and phrases.

Akhila Saroha: How far do you think fate and destiny influence the lives of human beings?
Bobby George: All the way. It can easily make or break a person. You need to handle correctly, whatever is handed out to you.

Akhila Saroha: Thank you very much for sparing your time. I look forward to reading more books by you in the future. All the best.
Bobby George: Well, a big ‘Thank You’ to you too, for taking time out to interview me. Keep up the excellent work!  

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