Title: Life Beyond Complications: tete a tete with Sadguru Shri Riteshwar
Author: Vaidehi Taman
Publisher: Astitva Prakashan
Pages: 80 pages
Order Book: Amazon
Genre:  Spirituality (Books)

Spirituality is a subject that has gained recent popularity among the present-day youth and the ideologists who have been preaching the idea of going back to our roots. But the major problem everyone faces is where they should start from. In that way, even though they struggle, visit holy places, and may even listen to certain lessons as imparted by the self-proclaimed gurus, they are not able to find their moment of enlightenment. “Life Beyond Complications: tete a tete with Sadguru Shri Riteshwar” by Vaidehi Taman is a significant writing in terms of spiritual awakening for readers who have been on the lookout for a book that will awaken their senses. Although the book does not guarantee instant effect for any reader to just have a Eureka moment, it advocates the practice of certain ideas in order to inculcate certain habits and processes to make things happen.

It is interesting to note how the author smoothly shows the transition of the Guru into spirituality and his understanding of life and the problems it brings through neutral eyes from the perspective of a third person. This neutral standpoint teaches the readers a few secrets to having calm, peace of mind, and a personality that remains non-reactive in all kinds of situations. Human beings have a tendency to act on impulse or be driven by emotions that are explained without being directly said in “Life Beyond Complications.” The book shares the secrets to channel these impulses and emotions into a better direction in order to attain peace and a state where one can think the same way even when the situations may turn ugly. Therefore, the book would prove to be a significant guide in the lives of the many who are caught up in between all the situations that may have resulted in the loss of their peace of mind.

“Life Beyond Complications” features thoughts of the Guru that are deeply rooted in the practices followed earlier but also connect them with the present day lives of people and explain how the gradual changes in people’s lives are resulting in the modern day problems. On another level, the book discusses about the present day lives of people and the different crises they face due to the changing lifestyles and the manner in which they are driven toward their targets. Sadguru connects this to the present day world and offers pragmatic and simple solutions that are meant to make lives a little easier.

In this time when the world is more after external beauty and the ornamental aspects of one’s personality, the book shows them the significance of working on the internal self instead of just focusing on the external. Hence, the book is highly useful in giving the readers a lesson about spirituality and understanding that life is a lot more than just external looks. Moreover, Sadguru gives examples from present day drivers of self-confidence like social media, which are considered to be the power boosters of one’s confidence. This shows that he is not someone who has cut himself off from the present world and who only lives in the ideal. It rather shows that he can see through and understand the repercussions of the products of science and their impacts on the minds of human beings.

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This book is not restricted in terms of recommendation because of the potential it has not only to touch lives but also change them altogether. It is replete with examples and explanations that would be relatable for one reader or the other and hence, gives them plenty of moments of enlightenment. Another appealing fact of the book is the language that has been used. It is simple, free of any kind of jargon, and has examples that are understandable and relatable. These factors will help the book in connecting with a wider number of readers.

This book will also be a guide for all those who consider themselves lonely or caught up in strides of anxiety and depression. They would feel Sadguru’s positivity flowing through the simple words he uses and makes the readers understand that every problem has some kind of solution or an approach to arrive at a solution. Thus, this book is recommended to all readers, young or grown up, and even those who want to begin their journey towards spirituality and have an experience that will make them understand that no problem is bigger than life itself.

Hence, all readers are suggested to lay their hands on life beyond complications and untie all complications that tie them up and stop them from attaining peace and calm. This short book of less than 100 pages is likely to make readers feel enlightened and interested throughout due to its style of writing.

About the Author: Vaidehi Taman is accredited journalist of Maharashtra. She has been a journalist for 20 years and at present, is the Founder Editor of Afternoon Voice (English Daily of Mumbai) and The Democracy (video news portal). She is an Investigative Journalist from Mumbai, who believes in fighting against all odds in the fourth estate, for which she has been bestowed with three Honorary Doctorates in Journalism from various univercities.She has contributed significantly to society as an editor, ethical hacker, philanthropist, and author. She has authored “Sikhism Vs Sickism”. In the past, she has worked with many major publication’s houses such as The Times of India, Free Press Journal and Sunday Observer to name a few. She has three other books to her name.

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