The life experiences of a person construct their personality and define their characteristics. These experiences can be acquired from different modes, but the most common medium is through the people a person is connected to. These people influence and teach different things to a person and help them become a better version than earlier. A product of such experiences reflects in Dr. Ritu Sharma’s heartfelt expression of writing in “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani.” Through a few words that vary in different versions and forms, the author defines life through her perspective and through others. The fragment of these perspectives is the experiences she has acquired and continues to learn.

“Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” explores the author’s life through different roles as they changed and made her evolve into the next best version of what she could become. Through her book, Author Ritu reminisces and has a heart-to-heart with her readers. While introducing her life from her perspective, the readers are also introduced to the personality of the author and the different events in her life that have helped her evolve. “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” shows how certain events cast a tremendous influence on a person’s life and make them a completely different version of what they used to be. This is reflected through the brief excerpts that the author has taken from her life and presented through her words.

It is interesting to observe the different writing styles the author uses in “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” to express her thoughts and views. She uses both prose style and poetry and sometimes just a few words to share her thoughts and feelings about the different aspects of her life. While prose has accounts of her everyday life, the thoughts conveyed through poetry have more depth and comprehensiveness. This leaves many lessons for the readers where they can learn from the experience of the author and understand her powerful persona. Through the events she shares, she comes across as a person who has her own share of happiness and sorrows, highs and lows, just like any reader. This makes the readers connect with the author’s mindset instantly. They start seeing the events she narrates through her eyes eventually as the book progresses.

At the same time, “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” is also open to being examined psychologically as the readers can understand the state of mind of a person who has been involved in the defence field directly or indirectly. The readers can understand the state of mind of the people directly involved and of those who are indirectly involved too (their friends and family). In her book of a little more than 100 pages, the author packs different thoughts, events, and incidents that have nurtured her and catered to her growth.

Among other things to notice, the title of “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” is worth pondering over. Through her few words, the author defines the entire aspect of life and the influence of people and events in it. It raises the relevance of life to not just being a series of events and incidents or everyday routine but much more. This includes learning, enjoying the little moments, and relishing all that is given by time and the universe. This expands the message of the book to a universal level and beautifies the context of writing. Subconsciously, Author Ritu infuses her pain and suffering into the content and gives it a positive and hopeful look. In this way, the few words of life become an epitome of hope, optimism, and symbolic of strength in all kinds of circumstances.

The readers who are interested in exploring life through a mature and cheerful perspective would find Dr. Ritu Sharma’s “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” catching their interest instantly as they read through the first few pages. The simplistic style in which the author writes, which features various personalities from her life, makes the book a relatable document. It could be the story of anyone summed up with the learnings. At the same time, the atmosphere of the book is filled with a reminiscent air. This gives the book the touch of nostalgia and a sense of longing for the times that pass by. While the book prepares the readers for a hopeful tomorrow where they have to be strong and determined, it also subconsciously prepares them to stay deeply connected with their roots. Since the past is a fragment of their roots, “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” gives the message of staying connected to it since that is what has shaped their personalities in the present day.

“Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” is bound to take the readers on a spin of thoughts, emotions, and a world that has all the features of any human life, and yet it is extraordinary in certain ways too. Hence, the readers are likely to enjoy Dr. Ritu Sharma’s writing.

Author Name: Dr. Ritu Sharma (PhD)
Book Title: Kuch Lafzon kee Zindagani – Reminiscences
Publisher: Literatureslight Publishing
ISBN: 978-8194397984
Reviewed by: Criticspace Journal

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