Author Background: Keith Brandon first dreamed of new worlds when he saw Star Wars back in 1991. Since then, even as a child, he has wanted to write his own stories. When he grew up he travelled the world, working on cruise liners as a waiter, learned to drive boats and saw beautiful parts of the western hemisphere. With his debut novel, Lost Universe, which is the first in a series, he creates new creatures and worlds for others to explore. –This text refers to an alternate kindle edition.

QUESTIONNAIRE – For Author  By Aakhila at Criticspace Journals

Akhila Saroha: I would like to begin by congratulating you on the publication of “Lost Universe”. How has the response to the book been so far?

Keith Brandon: Thank you. Responses have been very nice, now a lot of reviews are coming in.

Akhila Saroha: As it is mentioned, Star Wars was the initiator of your thinking into the science fiction universe. Were there any other events that inspired the work?

Keith Brandon: Yes. The books of Terry Goodkind, his Sword of the truth series made s great impact on me about writing. And as well as Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series.

Akhila Saroha: Do you think that the earlier style of writing science fiction works and now has changed? To what extent?

Keith Brandon: Yes they did. I guess earlier style was more in depth, there was more focus on character to know the hero or villain nowadays is more on the action on the visuals. 

Akhila Saroha: What are your views about present-day writing? Do you think it does complete justice to the different genres of literary writing?

Keith Brandon: I believe it does. There are many authors for each field so everyone can find what they like. Although there are too many of the same sometimes.

Akhila Saroha: Are there any authors that you enjoy reading or any books which are your favorites?

Keith Brandon: The 2 series I mentioned previously, we can also add Chris Claremont’s work on the X-Men comics  from the 70s to the early 90s.

Akhila Saroha: Do you think calling “Lost Universe” a work of science fiction is justified entirely?

Keith Brandon: Yes it is. I wanted it to be mysterious both the title and the story itself.

Akhila Saroha: Your writing has given a powerful introduction to your potential as a writer. Can the readers expect more from you in the future? Please share about your future projects.

Keith Brandon: There is more of Lost Universe coming out a vampire trilogy and a further trilogy about a powerful witch.

Akhila Saroha: What is the story behind your work title, “Lost Universe Dream: Chaos and Beyond”?

Keith Brandon: There is chaos in every fiction story I guess, a chance that things may go wrong and all falls apart and inro darkness. There is chaos behind Lost Universe as well. After all aliens are seeking our help.

Akhila Saroha: How easy or difficult was it for you to create an alternate universe that no one has ever seen and shown the differences?

Keith Brandon: Was not really. I had to keep in mind that I need to be different. The story was in my mind. So I needed to set out how the story goes and what  the main characters should do.

Akhila Saroha: In the present time, science fiction as a genre is evolving at speed. Do you think it is because it grew much later than the others, or what could be the reason?

Keith Brandon: I think we live in different times now. And it seems that as technology develops, peoples mind and imagination does too. The ground work was there always by earlier authors. But no one dared to escape and do something new for a while.

Akhila Saroha: If you were to describe your book in a few words without giving any spoilers, what would those words be?

Keith Brandon: Desperate aliens who depend on us humans because of a prophecy that can be misleading. 

Akhila Saroha: What advice would you give to budding writers who may be planning to explore the same genre as yours?

Keith Brandon: Don’t give up ever, keep writing and put you work out to be known everywhere you can.

Akhila Saroha: Thank you very much for sparing your time. I look forward to reading more books from you in the future. All the best.

Keith Brandon: Thank you very much.

Book Title: Lost Universe
Author: Keith Brandon 
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