Now-a-days every person has their own stress and worries due to the busy and demanding schedules they have. So much so, that they miss out the little things in life and are unable to enjoy in the moment. As a result, most people come into a phase where they feel depressed and sad due to the pent up emotions. In this direction, books have been written to help out the people in their times of worry but not every book has the same effect as claimed and expected. Pulkit Sharma’s “When the soul heals: explorations in spiritual psychology” is a nonfiction self-help book. It is less of a book and more of a therapy in this modern and fast-changing time where everyone goes through some kind of depressed state at one time or the other. The book not only explores the healing (which actually means connecting) of the soul from a psychological level but also at the spiritual level.

Owing to his profession, Sharma has a good understanding about how the mind of person works and what are the possible ways in which it can affected. This understanding and meditative aspect is vividly reflected and he has written about it in a very lucid and concise manner. He puts his experience to the best use and this can ensure the book to stand the test of time and many coming generations would continue to read the book and help themselves. This is so because human life can never stop being busy and occupied and people will keep having such problems as emotions do not change. “When the Soul Heals” can be put in the category of books which are good for mental health and well-being of a person.

From the very cover itself, the process of therapy begins. The author uses the color which would be relaxing to the mind as a result of which the cover is not too bright nor is it too dark. With an interesting color combination, there is also the presence of butterflies and butterflies themselves are silent creatures making them symbolic of peace and calmness. The very cover has a serene effect on the mind of the reader and his journey in reading the book through becomes a relaxing experience. 

The author guides the readers in the introduction and tells them how they can use the book the theme best manner. This guideline becomes a great help as the book is read further. He uses the technique of telling real-life inspirational stories of the different case studies he writes of and they are basically modelled on a person who can be seen anywhere or perhaps the readers would identify themselves with those characters too. He talks of different negative emotions like stress, anger, grief, depression, anxiety, beauty obsessions, addictions and caregiver burden. He not only discusses them at length but also offers possible solutions to what can be done in such situations. The most graceful aspect about “When The Soul Heals” is the insights it brings from the different religions of the world. This somewhere gives the message that all religions only have one basic message: peace in the mind of humans and peace around them.

The language of the book is friendly to the understanding of the reader. For those who feel the need of a therapist or psychological help, this book is a life saver. For those who do not feel any such need, they can also read the book to understand things better and make themselves a better version of what they are at present. “When the Soul Heals” can be read by people of all backgrounds irrespective of the age group they belong to. The subject that the book explores is universal in nature which altogether makes it a must have in everyone’s book shelf.


Author Name:  Pulkit Sharma

Book Title:  When the Soul Heals

Publisher:  AuroPublications; First Edition edition

Paperback: 208 pages  

Review by: Akhila at Criticpsace Journal

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