Background: What Is Self Awareness is the 7th book of the VIPIN project (Vastly Integrated Processes In Nature) The crux of the matter revolves around the principle of investigating the complex processes controlled by Mother Nature and how it impacts humans’ wholesome growth. Highly academic and thoroughly researched, this book takes us beyond the concept of divine energy, consciousness and divinity which were discussed in the previous 6 books. As the tagline goes, it is about looking beyond the law of attraction.

Essence: The concept and analysis of self-awareness are done through 5 chapters in total. The book begins with gleaning the awareness in reality. This chapter emphasizes the critical need to develop self-awareness of some of the basic laws of nature like 1) Law of attraction is the divine solution – Make a wish. Follow the deeply programmed Wisher within you gravitate toward the space that fulfills your wish in the future. 2) Law of Limitation is the Guider Challenge – Beware that the discordant energy of your super wisher past that incarnated you in the present space limits your present joy. 3) Law of repulsion is SHEENY option – Be aware that the present reality of the super wisher universe that programmed the wish into your consciousness comprises your’s and the universe’s discordant energy. You are the one who activated the divine solution to repel your devotion to others’ sentient wellbeing. That made everybody Almighty Creation perfected by you as a path for you to be the Almighty Creator within them.

The book further challenges the readers about the inescapability of awareness of the self. It shows how imperative it is to be aware of your divine power, conscious mind and the guider factor and also the spontaneity in our consciousness. There is a wonderful explanation of how our divinity is a gift from Nature.

With each chapter and the arguments provided, the readers can feel the author’s constant urge to bring a union between scientific analogies and India’s ancient wisdom. He has implemented metaphysical studies into the science of creation. And, most importantly, this complete study brings in a commendable cohesion with the present pandemic situation. The need of finding a natural solution is well established. The causal reality, consequential reality, the Almighty factor and awareness of the inanimate and animate self are some of the key points to ponder upon. The only spoiler that I can offer is; this book like its predecessors will make you rethink and reshuffle that blind faith in science and that habit of abandoning our age-old philosophies. If science is behind creation, there reins a spiritual aspect behind that creation as well. And this book shall become our handbook to connect those dots.

Takeaway: Unchained imagination and a conscious effort, the book gives a tough fight to falsifying scientific acumen. A 5-star rating.

Book: What Is Self Awareness
Author: Dr. Vipin Gupta
Reviewer: Aashi Dewangan
Rating: 5/5

1 thought on “Book Review – What Is Self Awareness – Dr. Vipin Gupta

  1. I am so glad that i got such an inspiring and breathtaking book to read. This book is so well written that while reading you will feel a sense of positivity in your thoughts. I will make my kids also to read this book as it talks about how to use failure as the doorway to success. This book will help them understand that it’s absolutely fine to keep failing because they are continually attempting challenging things whose outcome is uncertain.

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