The book “The Paradoxical Pin” is a thriller by author Girish Sai. The plot revolves around a teenage boy who goes by the name Chirag.

Born to a famous gastroenterologist Dr. Ashwin who mostly stays away from home attending conferences and conducting workshops, he lost his mother who hanged herself from the ceiling fan of her room when he was only nine years of age. He lives in the house all alone with the company of his pet dog, Tom. Having witnessed the same nightmare over and over again, he plans an appointment with an Astrologer, Mr. Markhandeya. On the same morning he decides to take a ride to his uncle Mr. Yash’s place along with Tom.

After exchange of greetings, Chirag is reminded of his appointment with Mr. Markhandeya and hastens along with his uncle and Tom, afraid of having crossed the scheduled time. The astrologer is not liked by Mr. Yash as he does not believe in Astrology. The astrologer warns Chirag about an incoming economic loss. After celebrating Tom’s birthday in a pet friendly restaurant the following day, Mr. Yash prepared to send the money owed by him to Chirag’s father which he had lent to Mr. Yash previously for his business. Chirag was surprised and when he heard the news that this money could be kept by him as a pocket money for the upcoming year.

However, later that evening when he made the payment through his debit card for his favourite ice cream at Ross Mart, havoc wrecked on him when the cashier told him that his account was empty. Ever since that, the mystery in the story begins. Chirag and Mr. Yash begin the hunt along with his friend Mr. Anwar(a white hat hacker) to dig out the roots of this cybercrime and find the culprit. The story takes numerous twists and turns, and keeps the reader engrossed till the very end.

The book consists of six chapters in all and is based in recent past, i.e. January 2018. The book describes every scene in such a fine detail that the reader can actually visualize oneself in the situation. One can literally live the life in the footsteps of Chirag and this will even add more excitement to the experience of this thriller. The language is lucid, and is very friendly to any person who is beginning to get into the habit of reading.

What adds to this experience is the eye catching title of the book. “The Paradoxical Pin”. How can a pin be Paradoxical? Is there a second meaning attached to the letter M? Who is the person who repeatedly haunted Chirag? Is this just a small scale debit card fraud or a cybercrime that has compromised cybersecurity on a global scale? All these questions will arise in the minds of a curious reader as he/she makes his/her way through the pages of this volume of the book.

The best part of the story is that it is a series. The story does not end in the last page of this book. Rather it just begins. The real story is about to come. This seems to be just a trailer to all the storm that is yet to arrive in the life of Chirag and Mr. Yash. It will keep the reader wandering and wanting to read further, and keep the curiosity high until the next volume of The Paradoxical Pin arrives.

The book is surely a must for all those who love thrillers, and is of special importance to all those who take interest in science fiction and cybersecurity. Becoming Chirag for a while and engrossing yourself in this dramatic work would be an engaging and rewarding experience for all the readers.


Author Name: Girish Sai
Book Title: The Paradoxical Pin
Publisher: Evincepub
Review By: Criticspace

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