About the Book: The story of ‘Asht Yogi’, is a fiction and fantasy story based on Yoga and Tantra. Guru Vishnudev is a perfect yogi. Whatever he does, it is good for the nation and humanity. He plans to create an army of eight accomplished Youth Yogis, who will help people when a disaster strikes India. Envious of the Yoga Guru’s powers, there is a Tantric who tries to harass him with black magic. Along with the entertainment, while reading this short novel, the readers who are unaware of yoga will have a primary knowledge of yoga, and curiosity towards yoga will increase. Although the purpose of the author is to entertain the readers.

My Musings: I have always been drawn towards Yoga. I recently got a chance to read the book “The Asht Yogi” by “Ravi Ranjan Goswami” which is a book about Yoga and Tantra. Since the book had already grabbed my attention so I decided to give it a read. The author has blended real-life incidents and fantasy fiction in a single plot and it has come out to be surreal.

The Asht Yogis

What To Expect? In the book “The Asht Yogi” the author makes use of fantasy and real incidents in such a way that looks impressive. The book seems far from those traditional books on Yoga and Yogis which are uninteresting rather this book talks about Yogas in a much amazing way.
In fact, the story and the message that the author wants to convey through this book are very clear and easy to grasp. So, one would find it very interesting to read about Yoga and its forms through a fictional story.

What is a book all about? The book revolves around a fictional character Guru Vishnudeva who is set out to create an army of 8 individuals which will be called “The Asht Yogi”. Guru Vishnu’s main motive about creating an army of 8 yogis is to utilize their power which will help the nation during difficult times. The author will hereby try to convey the importance of yoga and its forms through a fictional story. The Yogis and their Guru will encounter many hardships during their Journey. There will be a Tantric too who will try to create ruckus in the path of “The Asht Yogis” but it would be interesting to read how they overcome all the obstacles. These twists and turns will make readers glue to the book. Along with an amazing plot, the book will provide a prominent knowledge about Yoga which will make readers know more about it.

What I loved the most The realm of the situations how the author has penned them down was amazing. All the calculations and research are amazing. Indeed a great work by the author. The book has been amazingly penned down keeping the realm of situations in mind. The author has also emphasized spreading awareness about yoga and its various forms which makes it a good read.

Would I recommend this book? As the story unfolded it was an amazing read. Also, it made me more curious about Yoga. It’s a quick read of just 53 pages. So I would recommend this book to someone who is looking for a short and twisty read.

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