There are times when humans face crises and start to question their existence, the meaning of life and their purpose of being born. “Lyf Support: Let Yourself Fly” is an attempt by the author Vikas Joshi to find and explain the answers to all these questions that trouble human beings. It is non-fiction writing wherein she explores the meaning of life and human existence. He defines “Life” as a term where “L” Stands for Lets, “I” stands for enlightening, and “F” stands for Freedom, “E “stands for Energy and later on gives his definition of the short form, “Lyf” which means, “Let Yourself Fly”. He gives a different philosophy and this philosophy perfectly seems to be born out of all the experience he has had in his life so far. He wishes to impart those words of wisdom to everyone so that people can understand what they are born for.

By support Joshi does not mean financial or physical, rather support from the inner self. He intends to make the readers explore and understand this support through the medium of the book. 

He begins with the idea that everyone is born due to a certain design, a plan of nature. He shares an interesting philosophy of nature being our mother and time being our father. 

According to the author, nature has prepared a life cycle for all living beings and everyone has to travel through it to complete his/her journey of life. This cycle is more or less defined for everyone and only the challenges and struggles that everyone faces are different. He divides the book into different parts or chapters wherein he explores the different aspects and meanings of life for a person. Throughout the text, the author attempts to study and find answers to various questions that he has experienced and feels others experience too. Those questions include What is the purpose of life? For what purpose, nature had fractionally divided the time? What is the purpose of nature to divide the day and night into two halves? Why our life should be impactful? What are the factors affects our life? Is money is one of the basic need? Why sleep? The effort to find the answers to those questions keeps resonating throughout the book. He also gives many examples to explain his point and make the idea more clearly to the reader.

The world today is driven by the desire to get all materialistic pleasure and desires fulfilled. In this run, we forget how important we are. In this assumption, everyone forgets that there are things beyond financial satisfaction too

In this regard, the author rightly says, “We never talk about the internal support which is lies inside with us in our body.” Towards the end, the author gives a very positive message to the readers that they should support not just their own but also the lives of everyone around them. This, according to the author, would be a constructive effort and eventually, nature would also support the person making the efforts.

The content of the book, in the author’s words, is on a heavy subject. Hence, this book is not a type that everyone would like to read. But all those who question life, its ways, and its meaning can try reading the book. In this light, the grown-up mature people are more likely to find this book appealing. The language of the book is simple and fairly easy for an average reader to understand. The book comes as a break from the mundane routine and gives relaxation to the busy mind of the reader.


Author Name:  Vikas Joshi
Book Title:  Lyf Support Publisher:  Evincepub Publishing; 1 edition (1 February 2020)     
Review by:  
Criticspace  Team 
Print Length: 138 pages

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