Perhaps among all human emotions, the most powerful emotion that humans experience in their lifetime is the emotion of love. Whether it is from parents to children or vice versa or siblings or partners, it shows up in the strongest form when the right person is with them. Authors have been portraying the development of the chemistry and the emotion of love for ages and yet it continues to be the most written about theme due to its pervasiveness. The same is apparent in Bobby George’s creation, “One Within”. The title may for once seem simple and catchy for readers to remember at once, this is one of the major attractions when it comes to reading.


The cover of the book gives the vibe of an interesting tale of love which the author is set to unveil. The interest of the readers gains spark when they read the small punch lines mentioned here and there on the cover. That promises the book to be an easy “grab and read” kind of work. The manner in which the author has refrained from giving titles or proper names to chapters and kept them in the category of books is also an innovative approach which was perhaps last seen in Dickens’ “Hard Times”. George creates and constructs the narrative mainly around two characters and how their lives unfold. Other characters remain more as a supportive cast and help in developing the lives of the protagonists. The beginning of the story with a land to be sold makes the readers reminisce Anton Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” however, the nature and theme of Chekhov’s drama is entirely different from “One Within”.


The interesting thing to note is how the narrator takes up the building of himself and his love interest, Rini. He narrates details about her in such a manner that the imagination of the readers is triggered right away in an instant. They are held to the book till the end because of this skill especially. Side by side, the readers also understand the narrator as a person and his overall personality. The theme may sound cliché to some readers, yet the mature depiction and the attempt to portray the realities of life is what makes “One Within” a promising book for most readers. It reinforces the idea of life not being a bed of roses. Literature should bear the essence of realities of life so that the readers can learn something from it. George’s work meets that criteria effortlessly.


Readers who are looking for work with a fine portrayal of humans and the stronger experience of emotions can try reading “One Within”. But with the twists that the author gives, he removes the book from sounding like a mere fairytale and rather pushes it closer to life. In the present time, readers prefer to read more realistic and true to life elements instead of far-fetched, impossible things and George takes care of that stylistically. This is one of the other supporting factors in making the book a reading of interest for readers.

The manner in which the author builds up the plot and constructs the story further is smooth and the fluidity is maintained throughout the narrative. The readers do not lose track or feel bored for a moment. Rather, they remain glued to the book and are held on by the thoughts of what could happen further. All this together, makes sure that the readers experience, tension, thrill and moments where they find themselves smiling as per the placement of the author. With a language meant to cater to the needs of all possible readers, the author manages to open the book for reading by all. Therefore, suggesting the book to be read by all would not be wrong. In addition to one dominant theme, there are other sub-themes that also develop as the narrative progresses. Young or old, “One Within” has something or the other in store for all kinds of readers. 

PAGE NO.: 259



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