Best Ghostwriting Services in India | What is Ghostwriting and how it works

Ghostwriting is a term that is used when a writer (ghostwriter) writes a book having no credit and the credit is taken by the person who pays for writing to the ghostwriter. The author hires a writer to write the content/ book as per his thoughts and ghostwriter writes the same using his own words and efforts. The complete process is hidden to the outside world for a particular project since the ghostwriter never disclose that he has written the book and the author tells the outside world that he/ she is the sole and original writer.  The ghost who is paid in advance gets money as a job and he needs to forget his writing then. The author, who pays, becomes the soul author until he gives some credit to the ghostwriter. Sometimes, the author gives credit to the ghostwriter as “co-author” or “editor” in the book or somewhere in the acknowledgement section. 


Why you need a ghostwriter? Reasons for hiring a ghostwriter:

There may be several reasons you might need a good ghostwriter. There is a need of ghostwriter when you don’t have much time to write your story when you have no idea how to write a book when you want to become an author and you don’t have written material when the story is in your mind and want to get it in the form of a perfectly written book. So the reason is obvious, you have a story and someone else knows how to write it. You don’t have time to write and someone is seeking a freelancing job. The picture is clear, here the ghostwriter comes into the picture and does the things as you need.

How does the ghostwriting process work? Ghostwriting Process in India

If you need to hire a ghostwriter, you have to hire a professional one. The fee of a ghostwriter itself can be higher than the overall publishing cost of your book. You need to be sure about his quality of work. The most important part is NDA which you need to get it done with him. This is the most crucial part of the ghostwriting process. The reason, you know obviously. Every ghostwriter has his way of working. Some may have physical meetings & discussions, for which also they take an additional fee. Some will work for you in call communication only. You will need to describe the content/ story day by day and the ghostwriter will keep on converting it into written materials. The overall process may take around 2-4 months depending upon the length of your story. 

How to hire a professional ghostwriter?

You can search and find many on google and some freelancing sites. You need to check for his authenticity properly. Inkerspress Writing Solutions has a good team of ghostwriters, book editors, and language translators. Your all work can be carried out at a single place only. So if you are searching for the best ghostwriters in India or Ghostwriting services in India, Inkerspress can be a perfect destination for you. 

So best of luck for your writings and share your thoughts with us.

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