“लेखन में रुचि को मूर्त रूप देना कुछ समय पूर्व ही आरम्भ किया।कहानी संकलन ‘पौ बारह’ का प्रकाशन हो चुका है।इक्यावन कविताओं का यह पहला संकलन है । विभिन्न विषयों पर अपने स्वतंत्र विचारों को समाज के लिए चुनौती के रूप में देखती हैं क्योंकि किसी भी तरह के अंधानुकरण की विरोधी हैं।मानव के रूप में सर्वोत्तम स्थिति प्राप्त करने की इच्छुक महिमा स्वयं को अध्यात्म के संरक्षण में रखती हैं और अपनी दो बेटियों को सक्षम,सफ़ल और उत्कृष्ट नारी शक्ति के रूप में स्थापित देखना चाहती हैं।”

Evincepub: Tell us something about your biographical info?
Author: I am eldest one among four siblings. But grown up as a single child and get nurtured by maternal Grand Father and maternal Grand Mother in small village Urla (BMY), Durg, Chhattisgarh. I have completed my schooling from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Borai, Durg, Chhattisgarh and am graduate in Bachelor’s in Computers Application from Makhanalal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Vishwavidyalaya Bhopal through AISECT Bhilai.

Evincepub: What encourages you to become an Author?
Author: I was always encouraged and appreciated by my maternal grandfather (himself is a good writer) since childhood as well as in school days in Navodaya by teachers and friends. I have been writing sometimes just for hobby.  But after fifteen years of marriage I realized I should polish my skill because there were plenty of thoughts which I want to express regarding social issues and human life. My stylus got grace by ultimate consciousness and I started writing by full passion. I began with new name Mahima.

Evincepub: Tell us something about your published book. How you started writing and the inspiration behind it?
Author: My first book was ‘Pau Baarah’. It is a collection of twelve Hindi stories written by me. There are several human sentiments and emotions shown by different stories. I have to start somewhere, after a long time of my schooling it was big trial for me. I was little bit nervous but as I said supreme power of my guru is always there with me. Everything is proceeded very smoothly and my career started as a writer. 

Evincepub: What is your current goal in writing career?
Author: just write, write and write… I want to write for everything which is untold. I want to write for the changes which is required in our society. And on every aspect which is guided by my guru I want to write. I am just a medium. My stylus and it’s energy is dedicated and governed by supreme power.

Evincepub: Achievement So far: (Minimum 100 words)
Author: It is just beginning. Within two years my two books are published. One is ‘Pau Baarah’ which is a collection of twelve Hindi stories. Second book is a Poetry ‘Kavya Vatika’ which is a collection of fiftyone Hindi poems written by me. These two books are presenting Mahima with her own perspective about life. 

Evincepub: What you love to write the most. What is your favourite genre in writing and reading?
Author: I love reading and writing both. I love to write everything either it is a story or a poem. Fiction and non-fiction both.

Evincepub: Are you writing other books as well? Let us know about the same.
Author: Yes… my next book is on school days including Navodaya memories with some fiction in it. Along with this I am doing script writing on some projects too.

Evincepub: Many authors and readers will come across this article. What is your message to those readers and authors? 
Author: Be honest to yourself. Be progressive, Polish your skills and do something which makes you happy and satisfied. Life is a big canvas … you have to put your own effort to give it a meaning. 


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  1. I have read both the books written by Shweta Mahima… they are exceptionally good and deals with human emotions and journey into our consciousness… would look forward to her next book on school days

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